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Kris on instagram!

It has been a long time i haven't update anything on this blog. I quite left behind in Kpop news. But yes, i heard about EXO comeback. Yeay. Im anticipating this. By the way this entry will be about Kris's instagram. But first, to those who have an instagram, have you followed our Mr. Galaxy Kris? Not yet? Okay here i brought you to Kris's instagram, @galaxy_fanfan. Im welcoming his first picture ever on instagram. Don't forget to follow him, exostan! WELCOME TO GALAXY Well i hope Tao will make an instagram account too. Tao likes to take picture right? This is the time that Kris have to teach Tao how to use instagram and have his own picture gallery. Taoris, oh i really can't resist their brotherly love. Okay that's all. So long!