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Grey cat is popular among K-pop idol?

I've always saw a K-pop idol hold a grey cat. Seriously i started to miss my cat, but my cat is not grey in colour. I'ts black and white. He's running away from home because he know that he don't have too much 'time' more. Okay, stops here.

Lets get back to the topic. You know what? i getting envy for those cat. They're cute and being hugged by a handsome boy. -.-

Heechul's Heebum
Jaejoong's Jiji
Chansung's Jeonggam
Junho's Gomaenggi
Is there more grey cat with K-Idol? If yes, please tell me. I need to update this entry. *I'm still jealous with those lucky cat* Kbai.

Maknae is always a gamers.

Maknae in korean is the youngest person. I notice that a lot of maknae in K-pop group is a gamers. Seriously, i want to write down this. Eh, i was a gamers too 3 years ago. LOL I play YoVille and i love it. XD

1. Maknae Kyuhyun, Super Junior

Fact: When Kyuhyun was on his 2nd grade, he was supposed to be going to summer school, but he did’t and went to game center instead (game addict). His teacher called his dad. When Kyu’s dad knew this, he scolded Kyu. cr: GAMEkyulogy//Yeah, his favorite game is Starcraft. We all know that. -.- Maknae Kyuhyun.

2. Maknae Changmin, DBSK

Fact: TVXQ's Changmin spends 80% of his free time playing games on iPad. cr: Koreaboo//You're Kyu-line uh? Kyu-line love game? LOL XD

3. Maknae Dongho, U-Kiss

Fact: Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games. cr: blubluelover//I went to U-Kiss fanmeeting in Malaysia last year. I remember Eli said that Dongho has finished all stage of Angry Bird's game in his ipad. I was like, WOW. 

Aww, please.  Who is…