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I'll reveal my bias.

Okay, i have a bad news. I'm gonna be hiatus because i need to continue my study at Matrik in Perak. If i could make a new entry in the future i'll tell you guys. So today, i'll reveal my bias in other K-group other than Super Junior. *Before this, i only talk about SJ right? This is because i'ma Major ELF.* If you find there is unlisted group name, that's mean i don't have bias in the group or i don't really know about the member of the group. Actually, i become a k-popper because  i love their music . Yes! That the number one reason WHY I LOVE KPOP. Not because their cute or handsome. But i don't deny when some people says that i just like other fangirl who love cute boys. Hey, nobody hate cute boys right? So do I. >.< Here i give the list with their fanclub name. 2AM [ I Am ] -Jinwoon 2NE1 [ Blackjack ] -Park Bom 2PM [ Hottest ] -Taecyeon B1A4 [ BANA ] -Sandeul -Gongchan BAP [ Baby ] -Daehyun -Zelo Beast [ B2UTY ] -Gikw