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What is Donghae's signture actually mean?

As an Elfishy, when i get this signature i've practice to copy his signature all day long. *untill today. still practicing* And it's look like that i can never graduate from "Lee Donghae's signature University". BHAHA. I'ts maybe looks simple, but it's hard to make it actually like that. T.T
I've realised something when i did this for sooooo many time. But this is just my opinion.  If you don't like it and maybe you're disagree with me, then it's okay.

Ok now. Are you ready to read what is my opinion of his signature? You may scroll down.  :D

Scroll it more and more. Please be patient. :)

I think, Donghae oppa are trying to make this simile " >////<" Is he trying to show that he is soooo shy? I don't know. LOL bye

I'll reveal my bias.

Okay, i have a bad news. I'm gonna be hiatus because i need to continue my study at Matrik in Perak. If i could make a new entry in the future i'll tell you guys. So today, i'll reveal my bias in other K-group other than Super Junior. *Before this, i only talk about SJ right? This is because i'ma Major ELF.*

If you find there is unlisted group name, that's mean i don't have bias in the group or i don't really know about the member of the group. Actually, i become a k-popper because i love their music. Yes! That the number one reason WHY I LOVE KPOP. Not because their cute or handsome. But i don't deny when some people says that i just like other fangirl who love cute boys. Hey, nobody hate cute boys right? So do I. >.<

Here i give the list with their fanclub name.

2AM [ I Am ]

2NE1 [ Blackjack ]
-Park Bom

2PM [ Hottest ]

B1A4 [ BANA ]

BAP [ Baby ]

Beast [ B2UTY ]

Big Bang [ VIP ]

Super Junior Sexy, Free & Single Highlight Medley

01. Sexy, Free & Single
02. 너로부터 (From U)
03. NOW
04. Rockstar
05. 걸리버 (Gulliver)
06. 언젠가는 (Someday)
07. 달콤씁쓸 (Bittersweet)
08. 빠삐용 (Butterfly)
09. 머문다 (Daydream)
10. 헤어지는 날 (A ‘Good’bye)

Grey cat is popular among K-pop idol?

I've always saw a K-pop idol hold a grey cat. Seriously i started to miss my cat, but my cat is not grey in colour. I'ts black and white. He's running away from home because he know that he don't have too much 'time' more. Okay, stops here.

Lets get back to the topic. You know what? i getting envy for those cat. They're cute and being hugged by a handsome boy. -.-

Heechul's Heebum
Jaejoong's Jiji
Chansung's Jeonggam
Junho's Gomaenggi
Is there more grey cat with K-Idol? If yes, please tell me. I need to update this entry. *I'm still jealous with those lucky cat* Kbai.

Maknae is always a gamers.

Maknae in korean is the youngest person. I notice that a lot of maknae in K-pop group is a gamers. Seriously, i want to write down this. Eh, i was a gamers too 3 years ago. LOL I play YoVille and i love it. XD

1. Maknae Kyuhyun, Super Junior

Fact: When Kyuhyun was on his 2nd grade, he was supposed to be going to summer school, but he did’t and went to game center instead (game addict). His teacher called his dad. When Kyu’s dad knew this, he scolded Kyu. cr: GAMEkyulogy//Yeah, his favorite game is Starcraft. We all know that. -.- Maknae Kyuhyun.

2. Maknae Changmin, DBSK

Fact: TVXQ's Changmin spends 80% of his free time playing games on iPad. cr: Koreaboo//You're Kyu-line uh? Kyu-line love game? LOL XD

3. Maknae Dongho, U-Kiss

Fact: Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games. cr: blubluelover//I went to U-Kiss fanmeeting in Malaysia last year. I remember Eli said that Dongho has finished all stage of Angry Bird's game in his ipad. I was like, WOW. 

Aww, please.  Who is…

Left neck-ed mole.

Do you understand me? The tittle that i've wrote is.. Ah, how can i explain this? Is my grammar okay? Okay, i admit that i have the worst grammar and still want to write in english. Okay, let get back to the topic. I want share a picture of person who has the same position of mole like Lee Donghae oppa.

Can you see it?  On his left neck?
Here are some people who has almost the same position of mole like Donghae. You can click on the picture for clearer view.

1. Lee Joon, MBLAQ

2. Lee Bo Young, actress

3. Nickhun, 2PM

4. Nam Goong Min, actor

5. Mir, MBLAQ

6. Changmin, TVXQ
7. Soohyun, U-Kiss

Okay down here i'm going to share a picture of kpop idol who has a mole on his left neck but not on the same position as Lee Donghae's mole and a kpop idol who has a mole on his right neck

Left neck-ed mole
1. Taemin, SHINee

2. Minwoo, Boyfriend

3. Sungyeol, Infinite

Right neck-ed mole
1. Baro, B1A4

2. Jaejoong, JYJ

3.  Key, SHINee

Super Special Reader.

Today's entry is not a 'stalker entry' like i use to post. Actually i want to tell you that i will put a section for my reader. I want to thanks to my reader because reading my entry, i can see it because the number of like that i got. But nobody comment on my entry, so it's hard to interact with you guys.

The one who i know is Dhia Zurain. She is my friend on facebook, so if i login my facebook and check out my entry, i could see her DP liking my entry. So, as a starter i put her name on Super Special Reader and link to her facebook, because i don't know if she has a blog. You can click the last right picture of Donghae above to see.

The advantage if you're on my Super Special Reader, i will send to you my newest entry link after i update my blog. So that you will never miss any of my entry and your link is promoted in my blog. How is that sound? pretty cool eh? This opportunity is for someone who love stalking like me. But, yeah i only stalking Super Junior e…

Can you find The Creepy Kyu?

Actually, i saw a folder Creepy Kyu in my younger sister's handphone. I'ts really interesting because she got a lot of 'creepy Kyu's picture in her phone. So i asked my younger sister, "Why not to share this on my blog? I bet everybody will love this." Then she answer, "Urm, okay. But don't forget to tag me as the credits." And yay. I got her permission.

Oh yeah, for your information. My youger sister is a big fan of Kyuhyun, Super Junior. She is a Spark Kyu. Want to visit her blog? Click here. :)

To make it more interesting, why don't you try to find him in the picture that i share below? You know what, after i find it,  i think Kyuhyun is everywhere. LOL

Oh yeah! this picture is for you before starting! Good luck!


Err, the last picture i think should tittle as Creepy Sungmin. Can you see Sungmin? EKEKE, i think Sungmin has been infected by Kyuhyun's Creepy virus. LOL. Kbai :)

Covering his mouth is Donghae's another habit?

Hello Annyeonghaseyo!

Actually i've realize about this long time ago but i kinda lazy to make a new post. Now, i regain my strength to post this entry. In this entry there will be less word because it will fulled by Hae's picture. I hope you'll like it!

I believe ELFishies has realize it too didn't you?  ^^ LOL In this entry i will post a lot of his picture covering his mouth with his hand.

Down here is a scroll box. Keep scrolling! ^.^

EXTRA! A picture of him covering his mouth with peace sign! =^.^=
*another scroll box. Keep scrolling ^^

Got something to say? Just comment me! Or maybe you found another photo of him covering his mouth. Just share with me ^^ Bye Annyeong.

-EXTRA ENTRY (120319)
Have you watch We Got Maried TeukSo Couple Episode 19? Down here i share a video of TeukSo couple ep.19 part 2. If you don't watch it the part 1, just