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Ttakji is not as easy as its look

딱지 [ddak-ji] or pronounce as ttakji is a korean traditional game. Its a folded paper. It's played by smashing your ttakji on the opponent ttakji to make the opponent ttakji flip. This is a bit about ttakji to those who dont what it is before reading this post.

If you're a Running Man fans, i believe you know what am i talking about. Its a mini game that Running Man play which using 2  folded paper. Who else have try to made ttakji other than me? By watching all the Running Man member play ttakji, i thought it would be simple as ABC. But its totally wrong.

 I've made ttakji, but i can't play it.
Seriously ttakji is not easy to flip. I have tried. and tried. and tried. My percentage to flips opponent ttakji is only 1%. After i tried so hard, my hands hurt. T.T I wonder how the Running Man member play that game. Okay maybe this game is only for boys because it's need more power to flips ttakji.

[fake subs for Donghae's picture] "I know ttakji is hard to play. B…

Tagging game again.

Hello everybody! I believe all muslim kpopper is fasting right now. Happy fasting k, just dont see or watch half naked oppa or noona or unnie or hyung. Remember fasting~

1) Post this rules
2) Write 11 things about yourself
3) Answer the question that tagger set for you
4) Create 11 question for those who you want to tag
5) Create 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post
6) You're not allowed to tag back
Okay based on the rule i have to write 11 things about myself after re-post the rule. Okay here is some random thing about me:

Kpopper since 2009ELFishy since 2009Never went to Super Show eventho ima hard-elfLove cute and innocent guy *K-idols, for normal peeps idk*Can read hangul  but never understand itI've met my kpop friends at Most Amazing Concert, Aina and Ain (twins)Love dance to K-songParticipated in contest which a chance for me to fly to Korea but i just don't make itI love collecting GIF pic of my biasAlready made a video birthday for Kyuhyun, Sungm…