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Jeibi's counter attack

I think i have mentioned a lot about "am going to slow down my kpop thingy" "I won't have any bias" "I will like a song based on their music and not from their appearance" and so on...

Even though lately i have been pushed by Apis to like GOT7, i still refuse. Read our conversation below. I take 5 minutes to think whether i should stan GOT7 or not; referring to the "Hmm bout GOT7 tu.... Introduce them to me first"

So i told Nad, my sister about this. And she gave me some tips. But the tips not helping me at all. Luckily, even though the tips are not helping, i still manage to not stan them. Yeay.

Until one day, Apis told me that he wanted to watch GOT7's new music video. I was like "Tak payah tengok weh". But i was eager to know their new song and i believe that i won't be liked their song. So i did watch it.

To be very honest, i regret making a decision to watch their music video because i can not stay away from this song …