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Kpop punny bad jokes

I believe most of us love jokes. You gotta be kidding me if you didn't. We need a laugh teraphy didn't we?

Today i would like to share a twitter account that posting like a very funny joke and i can't even stop laughing. I have embed the tweet down here --That is the 95th joke that she have post actually. Amazing right?

BAD BAD JOKE #95 — 린 (@dyokyungshit) August 25, 2015
Im worried that some of us can't view the tweet embedded due to poor internet connection (i understand you guys, dont worry). So here, i share the picture version --Randomly choosing the 87th joke.

If you want to read more this kind of joke, you may follow @dyokyungshit on twitter and check out her favorite. Also those think signing in twitter is quite tiring and preferring a web version, you may click here--->

May god bless her for her bad bad jokes. Priceless joke, i can't stop laughing and reading this joke all night.