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Baekhyun's makeup tutorial

I don't know what is wrong with me. I keep on posting about Baekhyun. Anyway, this won't change anything about kyungsoo. He is still my ultimate bias okay. I repeat, he is still my ultimate bias. LOL I really jealous with Baekhyun's eyes. His eyes looks very good with eyeliner. It doesn't mean that i don't know how to put up an eyeliner but as a girl, looking at Baekhyun which is a guy who are great with eyeliner makes me feel...... Disqualified for being a girl. Baekhyun pls. This makeup tutorial that i wish i could try. My mum used to give me her eye shadow after she get a new one. But i never use it. Now i think it's the right time. Okay lets give a try.  This February, lets us be Fabulous bcs its fab. Yeah fab. Okay pls ignore this. Good luck girls :) I found this picture from my facebook. I didn't know it is not fully uploaded. Sorry T^T

Baekhyun the byuntae

This entry will be continuous entry from my last january entry which is "Kai is more innocent than Baekhyun?" okay for those who haven't read that, you can ( click here ). But this entry will be explain more about Baekhyun, not Kai. I know most of Baekhyun's fans cannot believe on this even my friend asking me "Is this real? But he is so innocent." On her request, i do some search on this. Typically a korean name given to a guy. Baekhyun is a very fun, loud guy. He is not afraid to be himself and has a tendency to fanboy over pretty girls. He is an amazing singer and his vocal ability is sky high.   He is somewhat perverted as he likes to be very close to people, but this should not be mistaken as an actual pervert because his actions are just a confirmation that he is very comfortable with you and enjoys being in your company. Baekhyuns middle name is perfection. His appearance is enough to take ones breath away cr: Urban Dictionary Okay th

Kpop tag from Lufan

Yay! I got tagged again. Well i do love doing this kpop tag. You know, when you have no idea on what you should post on your blog Kpop Tag is the best thing to do. Big thanks to Lufan. If you guys want to answer her question, do visit her blog. ( Click here ) But today i wont follow the kpop tag rules. Sorry. HAHAHA, im gonna break the rules Okay lets just proceed to the question. 1. What fandom(s) you are? Multifandom. I don't have specific fondom for now. But i guess im currently an Exostans. 2. Your top three bias. Well i have only 2 ultimate bias for now. Lee Donghae of Super Junior and Do Kyungsoo of EXO. I will think about the third ultimate bias later. MUAHAHAHA 3. What K-group get you into kpop world? TVXQ, Super Junior and SS501. 4. Favorite male/female solo k-singer. I love K.Will and IU voices and song. 5. Same fact about you and your bias. Since i haven't read any fact of Kyungsoo, i will just tell you the same fact about me an

Tao's hair is sold out

I have been a fangirl since 2009 and i think 2014 is the most ridiculous year for me as a fangirl. Everything is just getting too mainstream. But i think maybe it is just exostan, wait i mean exo sasaeng fans. They're the worst. I heard all what have EXO sasaeng fans had done. A sasaeng fan (사생팬) is widely known to be an excessively obsessed Hallyu fan. Although "sasaengs" are largely not considered as fans, many sources still refer to them as "sasaeng fans". Soompi described sasaeng fans as extreme fans who stalk their idols and invade their privacy with questionable methods. cr: wikipedia I just post about Kyungsoo's boxer for sale. And for those who don't know bout this yet, you can click here to read the entry [ Kyungsoo's boxer for sale ]                                                    Now back to the story. Last night i just found this. It's getting more ridiculous when it is write "Sold out" on it. Is it really

Misheard Kpop Song ( Still You by Donghae and Eunhyuk )

I don't always do a misheard kpop song. But if i do, everything just happen naturally like accidently. I don't push myself on doing this since i know some of korean word. So i can understand a bit on what are they saying in their song. So misheard it will be so ridiculous for me. However, this actually happen when i have to answer a kpop tag from Ann Nabyla . She put a song that will be played whenever someone did visit her blog. Her song is Still You by Eunhae. This song repeating like 368362 times. And whenever it is stop playing, i will refresh her blog just to listen to it. Since it is my favorite song. But after i finish my writing for the tag answer, i think i got drunk by it. The song keep repeating in my mind eventho its not even played. And the part of the song that i keep repeating is my favorite part where Donghae and Eunhyuk sounds like replying their sing. Suprisingly i always misheard the lyric in malay. Eunhyuk : Apeun geoni ( Donghae : Apeun geoni)