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This is Malaysian KPOP. Not MPOP.

Do you remember my entry before? I wrote about "Why Malaysian can't make a music like K-POP". The answer that i gave is Malaysian has their own charismatic on doing something.

I wrote that because as Malaysian, we need to be proud to our country and not saying that Malaysian can't do better than other county. If you love K-pop, i think you need to learn how they love their own country. They don't know English because they really love their national language. I love their spirit to their county and I hope Malaysian can take that as an example to love your own country.

Ok, now we have a Malaysian who already prove that nothing Malaysian can't do. They also make a song sound really 'KPOP'. Here the video teaser.

Want to know more about them? click here. < Love Like This – A Korean Malaysian collaboration >

Ok, now i know why.

Today i'm not going to post about Donghae. But i'll post something that relate to K-Pop. Hey, if i don't post about k-pop why i call this blog is my kpop blog? ^^

When i started to addict on K-Pop, i wonder why Malaysia can't make a great music just like them. Have you ever thought just like me? I've the answer here.

First off all, you have to try hear this song. 2PM - Hands up.


Next this song. Boyfriend - Boyfriend.

How was it? When it change to malay it become so weird right? Before this, we just listen to the kpop song and never care about the lyrics. I mean the translation. Well, you just like me. For me, i can understand the song by watching the music video and listen to the rhythm.

Here i give some of SHINee - Replay lyrics. I took the chorus part.

Hangul: 누난 너무 예뻐 Romanization: Nunan neomu yeppeo Translation: Kakak sangat cantik That's my simple word of hang…

He's a forgetful person.

Our Lee Donghae is a very forgetful person. Come on fact! i need you!
1. Fact. Donghae often forgets his hat, cell phone or similar items. He would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. Once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: “I forgot my phone, I’m going to go up and take it.”

2. Forgot his lyrics.

Let's check out the video below. He forgot Mr.Simple lyrics.

He forgot that he's already full but still eating.


I'm so sorry because i couldn't find the video that shows Donghae oppa forgot First Love lyric. I just going to share the KTR transcript here.

5] (Ryeowook lets Donghae sing a small part of First Love)
Hae: Because I’m ELF’s oppa!
At the end, sings a bit only then stop 
Wook: Aish, why …

#SadMomentWhen i really need to forget about @donghae861015

Do you remember before this i've made an entry about Lee Donghae's First Love right? And it's come with three result right?

First result. The girl is ELFs. 2February2006 is date where SME officially announce Super Junior Fanclub's name. This also can be prove because Lee Donghae sing the First Love song and said 'Because i'm ELFs oppa.' in Shim Shim Ta Pa, 22/12/2011.
Second result. The girl is his first love which he fall in love when he was leaving dorm's room. This is said by Lee Donghae in Shim Shim Ta Pa, 21/12/2011.
Third result. The girl is Jessica SNSD. This is not from Donghae's mouth but from someone said that he's in the music industry.
Okay. I really don't know how to decide. But the third result might be true. I think there is something between Jessica and Donghae. You might don't know what happen between them in real life right? Lets see them in cyworld. Their so close. Video below shows their timeline in cyworld.

Okay, today allk…

Lee Donghae First Love [ 3 ]

This is a follow up post from my past entry about Lee Donghae First Love. For those who don't know about this, you should check my first post about this.

Okay, lets straight to the point. Actually i just realize something from my first entry and my second entry. did you notice it? It's about the song that Lee Donghae talk about it in a radio station. He gave a different answer. Let's check it out.
Sukira Kiss The Radio,
DONGHAE said in sukira that this song is NOT about the first person he loved but the first person he felt love FROM. cr:Youtube
"111221 SSTP First Love is really about his first love. On 2/2 he saw the girl when he was leaving his dorm room."
source: Sujuism
See? Which one is the truth? I've search about the date about what he said in Sukira, but i found this. This is a Sukira Transkrip 26December2011.

(Ryeowook lets Donghae sing a small part of First Love)
Hae: Because I’m ELF’s oppa!
At the end, sings a bit only then stop
Wook: A…

Lee Donghae First Love [ 2 ]

This post is continuous from the post before. If you're not reading the first post yet, you can click here.

Well actually, when i listen to First Love song from other youtube user, i found a different comment. They're also confuse with the date. Lets take a look. I'll copy the comment.

foodeatingmachine:2006 Feb 2nd? Whaaaaat happened...? T.T
ryeohae: @foodeatingmachine i heard the day he fell in love .
xBalsamiciousx: @foodeatingmachine I think it's the date that SM officially announced the name of super junior's fangroup "Everlasting friends"
myprom15e: @ryeohae I read that this was the date when SM announced "ELF(EverLasting Friend)" as SJ's fan club. :T
I also read that Donghae's first love was a noona, not a dongsaeng.
AlyM37: @myprom15e rly? if she was a noona, y does he keep referring to himself as her oppa?
nileyrulez12816: @myprom15e But this song can't be about a nonna, It saids I'm your only OPPA so this song has to be…

Lee Donghae First Love

Have you listen to this song? The lyric of this song is written by our Lee Donghae. I think i should let you guys listen the song first. Below this video i already put the lyric and the translation.

The lyric is in the scroll box. I'm afraid you might not see my scroll box >< Sorry

Korean Lyric : nan geudaemane oppa geudaen namane yoja hangsang ne gyeote isso julge nan geudaemane oppa dalkomhan uri sarang oppan neoman saranghallae
ichon yungnyon iworiil naege on geu nal hayan nunchorom geu moseup giokheyo nan jageun geu ttollimmajodo naege gideoso jamdeun geude dalkomhan immatchumeul
U~~U~~ neol saranghae
saranghae i mal bakken saranghae i mal bakken jul ge igotppuninde chang bakke nuni neryo garodeung bulbit arae geu ane neowa naega isso
nan geudae mane oppa geudaen namane yeoja oppan neoman saranghallae
Translation : I’m your only oppa You’re my only woman I will always there for you I’m your only oppa Our sweet love Oppa will only love you
2nd February 2006, the day came to me was like white snow I re…

Kissing picture of Donghae?

I know maybe some of ELFishy has already know about this. Actually i just found out about this last year. I also have made a post about this at my personal blog on July. I'm going to post it here in English.

Okay, lets take a look at the picture.

I pretty sure that some of you or maybe all of you has found this right? I don't know that is real Donghae or what. So i make a comparison to his real picture. 

Who always stares at Donghae's picture like me will realize that his chin is different. On the first picture, his chin is quite sharp compare to the second picture. Ahh, this will be easier if they capture the other side of his face because our Lee Donghae has a mole on his neck near to his ear.

Can you see it? If, you can't, just click on his picture. Maybe you can start looking at him carefully on video. hehe. Actually, this is how i recognize Donghae oppa  when i see someone who look like him. I'll check it on his neck. 
Oh yea, about the kissing picture, just forge…