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Lee donghae is brilliant.


I found Lee Donghae's ideal girl.

Do you know what Donghae's ideal girl? Ok, actually i've read a lot of Lee Donghae's fun fact, video etc. Here, i found a video that show us his ideal girl. Please take a look.

See the girl? Yes! that girl! How i can say that he likes her?

1. He said that he want to dance for her. 2. Donghae only stare at that girl when dancing, even has been ask to dance for the fans too. 3. Donghae start to move towards her. //He want to get close to her. 4. He touch the girls hair at 0:47 on the video.

Okay now, lets see his fact about his ideal girl.
1. Donghae’s ideal girl: Likes girl with silky hair
As we can see, the girl in the video has a very silky hair right?

2. Donghae likes girl who has nice forehead, so when he sees it, he feels like he wants to kiss it
This also has at the girl in the video. Her hair style shows her forehead.

3. He like girl with a big eyes and long hair
The girl from the first video has big enough eyes and long hair.

4. Donghae likes a girl with fair skin
The girl&…

I don't want to be Lee Donghae!

Have you heard this fact of Lee Donghae?

When the members has a new phone, they would not let Donghae touch it. they’re afraid that donghae would broke it.

You know why? It's because HE CAN'T! Lets read the other fact about it.

Since he was young, everyone has told Donghae to avoid touching electronics. He admits that he has bad luck with electronics where everything he touches will break without him purposely doing anything to it.

Oh my god! I think, i can't touch electronic stuff too! Because, it will broke. Hey, i don't do it purposely okay! I think i'm similar to Donghae because i realize that electronic stuff around me are broke.

My handphone. I just bought it last year, and now i'm facing the screen problem.My A-CHa pendrive. It has a 'write protected' problem. I just bought it a month ago.My daddy's Nokia N8 phone that i usually use to online at night is become blurrr sometime. This phone just bought a few month ago.Laptop. //I don't know h…

Im officially open.

Firstly, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Super Junior Lee Donghae's creepy fans. My name is Nurhafzhan.
Everybody says, Lee Donghae is so lucky man because he has me as his LOYAL FANS. But i know in his mind i'm just his creepy fans who love to mention him for nothing at twitter, keep sending love quote for him on twitter and what so ever la.

I'm going to post my thought to my lovely dear Lee donghae. If you hate reading my fantasy, you can visit my other blog where i share my experience. (Y)