The plot twist!

This entry is a prequel entry for my past 2 years entry which is Jeibi's counter attack. If you haven't read those entry, this (link) will help you.

19th September 2016
Apis and I were discussing about Infinite's latest music video entitled The Eye. After a long ridiculous discussion, suddenly Apis was like

"BTW, i don't have any feel toward Hoya anymore"
He was kind of regreting stan on Hoya and claimed that he was a fans of Kang Joon Hee, a character in Reply 1996 that was played by Hoya. "Kila told me that she dosent like Hoya and every single thing she said are things that i don't like on Hoya" he added.

I was like "Im not a fans of Hoya too". I am originially not a fans of Hoya and not even a fans of Infinte. Most of the time, i was pushed to stan them by Apis. He used to spam me his bias. "Aku salahkan kau" i told him.

We were trying hard to claim that we both are neither a fans of Infinte nor Hoya. Suddenly, everything …

Kpop punny bad jokes

I believe most of us love jokes. You gotta be kidding me if you didn't. We need a laugh teraphy didn't we?

Today i would like to share a twitter account that posting like a very funny joke and i can't even stop laughing. I have embed the tweet down here --That is the 95th joke that she have post actually. Amazing right?

BAD BAD JOKE #95 — 린 (@dyokyungshit) August 25, 2015
Im worried that some of us can't view the tweet embedded due to poor internet connection (i understand you guys, dont worry). So here, i share the picture version --Randomly choosing the 87th joke.

If you want to read more this kind of joke, you may follow @dyokyungshit on twitter and check out her favorite. Also those think signing in twitter is quite tiring and preferring a web version, you may click here--->

May god bless her for her bad bad jokes. Priceless joke, i can't stop laughing and reading this joke all night.


Women are known to be a shopaholic and often shop fashion online Malaysia from various sites. It can be a very fun and stress relieving activity for women to reward themselves. However, women need to know that there are certain shopping fashion tips to adhere to before beginning their online shopping spree. Below are four crucial fashion online tips that can be beneficial to practice.

1. List Down
Before you sit in front of your laptop, scan your wardrobe for the clothing and other fashion items you do not have. You need to spend smart and purchasing the same clothing designs you already have is just a waste of money. Keep in mind your monthly expense budget put aside for shopping and follow it by making it a list. Writing things down in a list allows you to have more discipline in shopping.

2. Compare
Comparing items in different online shopping sites is crucial to ensure you buy something worth your pocket money. You do not want to blow your money on something where you can get at …

Kpop tag: 1st love

Firstly i would like to thanks Riah because tagging me on her kpop tag. It such an honor to be the first 4 person to be tag on this. Again thank you. Im sorry for replying this late because i was struggling with my final examination and now i just got my semester break. So lets do this.

1. My first bias is my ultimate bias ever which is Super Junior's Lee Donghae.

2. I don't know why i like him. It is just happen when i can not let go my eyes off him in any video. Plus with his innocence. I just don't know. He hold the longest period as my ultimate bias compared to other my ultimate bias (stated on the sidebar).

3. Tagged friends: Nad, Apis, Rara

I'm sorry i couldn't make this entry longer. I think ive lacking of blogging skills since November last year i left this blog. Tsk tsk

The previous entry which dated on December was actually written by me on November and being published on November. Gosh i really left this blog so long.

Tutorial: Picture fade effect using picsart

Hi guys! I am back with simple tutorial to be share.

Actually i have been asked by Apis (visit him fanboy blog & personal blog) on how to edit biases picture into a fade effect. Down here i have attached a picture to those who don't really understand what fade effect is.

Follow my insta fan-girling acc: @cute_agassi
Okay what do you need are: 1. A picture of bias 2. Picsart apps.

Step: 1. Select a picture = Photo > Gallery

2. Select an effect = Effect > Film

 You might need to adjust the input shift and the output shift. Adjust at your desirable taste.

3. Select a mask = Mask > Lights

 This will help your picture to not look too plain or pale. It is an option for you. If you want a pale and plain picture, then skip this step.

 Before and after

Now your picture is ready to be upload on instagram. Good luck!

P/S: It is funny when i forgot to publish this entry where i have already prepared long time ago and even picsart have updated it's apps into d…

Jeibi's counter attack

I think i have mentioned a lot about "am going to slow down my kpop thingy" "I won't have any bias" "I will like a song based on their music and not from their appearance" and so on...

Even though lately i have been pushed by Apis to like GOT7, i still refuse. Read our conversation below. I take 5 minutes to think whether i should stan GOT7 or not; referring to the "Hmm bout GOT7 tu.... Introduce them to me first"

So i told Nad, my sister about this. And she gave me some tips. But the tips not helping me at all. Luckily, even though the tips are not helping, i still manage to not stan them. Yeay.

Until one day, Apis told me that he wanted to watch GOT7's new music video. I was like "Tak payah tengok weh". But i was eager to know their new song and i believe that i won't be liked their song. So i did watch it.

To be very honest, i regret making a decision to watch their music video because i can not stay away from this song …

Standing with U

Again i have been abandoning this blog. Maybe i should do some kpop challenges to keep updated. But okay, now im going to re-do this game. Ive played this in my personal blog. So here i bring it to you. Feel free to try it.

Put your music library on shuffle.For each question, press the next button to get your answer.You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely though.Ok, go!

1. If someone say 'shelf' you say
     Love dust - Big Bang

2. How would you describe yourself?
Here iam - ZE:A

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Heartbeat - 2PM

4. How do you feel today?
Beautiful lady - ZE:A FIVE

5. What is your life purpose?
Return - Lee Seunggi

6. What's your motto?
Hate U, Love U - Super Junior

7. What do your friend think about you?
At times - 2PM

8. What do you think about your parents?
   That man - Hyunbin

9. What do you think about very often?
Just a litle thing - My Name

10. What is 2+2?