Thursday, September 22, 2016

The plot twist!

This entry is a prequel entry for my past 2 years entry which is Jeibi's counter attack. If you haven't read those entry, this (link) will help you.

19th September 2016
Apis and I were discussing about Infinite's latest music video entitled The Eye. After a long ridiculous discussion, suddenly Apis was like

"BTW, i don't have any feel toward Hoya anymore"

He was kind of regreting stan on Hoya and claimed that he was a fans of Kang Joon Hee, a character in Reply 1996 that was played by Hoya. "Kila told me that she dosent like Hoya and every single thing she said are things that i don't like on Hoya" he added.

I was like "Im not a fans of Hoya too". I am originially not a fans of Hoya and not even a fans of Infinte. Most of the time, i was pushed to stan them by Apis. He used to spam me his bias. "Aku salahkan kau" i told him.

We were trying hard to claim that we both are neither a fans of Infinte nor Hoya. Suddenly, everything started to change when Apis said "GOT7 dulu pon salah aku gak kan?"

I was a fans of GOT7 (sort of) before i knew it myself . I hate me. Damn. I am pretty sure that i am not a fans of any group that time. I believed that my fangirling life is always pushed by Apis until he prove me wrong.

Apis, you succeed!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kpop punny bad jokes

I believe most of us love jokes. You gotta be kidding me if you didn't. We need a laugh teraphy didn't we?

Today i would like to share a twitter account that posting like a very funny joke and i can't even stop laughing. I have embed the tweet down here --That is the 95th joke that she have post actually. Amazing right?

Im worried that some of us can't view the tweet embedded due to poor internet connection (i understand you guys, dont worry). So here, i share the picture version --Randomly choosing the 87th joke.

If you want to read more this kind of joke, you may follow @dyokyungshit on twitter and check out her favorite. Also those think signing in twitter is quite tiring and preferring a web version, you may click here--->

May god bless her for her bad bad jokes. Priceless joke, i can't stop laughing and reading this joke all night.