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Kai is more innocent than Baekhyun?

Okay i know i was a bit late for this. You know i have a post in queue. I need to let my post being view at least in 2 days. Yea you know, i don't want my follower to miss my post. Especially a post that i think you guys should read it. HAHAHA okay stop it.
I bet some or maybe all of you have seen this picture. I don't know much about this. All i know this thing spreading in my twitter. I was like "Whut? This innocent faced Baekki?!". I don't really believe in it because i don't know how all of this started.
I started to learn that do not believe on innocent faced guy. Unfortunately that is my weakness.
I don't know whether i should believe in this or not. But since everybody tweeting like "Go away byuntae" to Baekhyun's picture and "The rumor that Baekhyun don't like flat chested girl is not a rumor anymore. Its true.". I was like, is this serious? I cant hate innocent faced guy. I just can't hate my baekhyun. I hope this …

Kpop tag from Ann Nabyla

It has been a while i haven't got a tag from anybody. This tag really makes me happy. Well i got this tag about four days ago, the day which my lappy got problem with wifi connection. I was like ugh...

Yay im going to do this tag. This tag is for kpop blogger to know more kpop blogger.

This is actually how my face change when i receive an email saying that i got a comment from Ann Nabyla saying that i got tagged by her. Im touched. T^T
Post the rulesAnswer the question that the tagger asks you then make 11 new oneTag 11 people and link them to your postLet them know that you tag them
Okay now let the interview session begins. Wee

1. Who is your bias? Well to be very honest i got a lot of bias since im a multifandom fans. But i can assure you that my very ultimate bias is Super Junior, Lee Donghae and EXO, Do Kyungsoo.
2. Why do you like him/her? I dont know why. I attract to stupid-cute-innocent faced guy. It feels like i need to be with him all the time and protect him. (I sou…

Do Kyungsoo's boxer for sale

My title for this entry do sound weird right? I don't know whether you have seen this picture or not yet. I bet who already have seen this knew  i want to talk about. Its about D.O's boxer. I don't know how but this fangirl is really wow.

I found this picture about 3 days ago and i saved it. And i sent to my friend. Well we love discussing about this k-pop thingy, not discussing how handsome they are but we'd discuss their concept and outfit and hairstyle and talent.. (LOLS too much "and")

Okay down here i give you the actual picture that i save from twitter. Advice for Do kyungsoo's fans please keep calm okay. Take a deep breathe and PANGG!!
"I am selling Do Kyung Soo‘s (D.O) underwear,I went to their dorms myself and got it. It was really hard to get it. I’m thinking of around 10.0. You don’t believe me? There’s a few hairs on the underwear so you can check the DNA. I also have his socks. Don’t criticize or attack me. Next week, I’m goi…

Dalgona in the making

Have you watch EXO Showtime episode 7? I bet you know what i am talking about right now (based on my title) Here some of the screenshot for EXO Showtime episode 7. If you still haven't watch it and couldn't find the subbed video then click (here)

The way Tao eat it really makes me drool. Shittao T^T
This is Dalgona.
Dalgona (달고나) is actually a Korean street lollipop. I googled dalgona right after Tao said it is really delicious. To make dalgona is really easy, all you need is sugar and baking soda.
I want you guys to read the recipe or watch it till end before make it or you gonna end up like me. Around 1:30AM, i go to kitchen just to make a dalgona after i know the ingredient is simple, i dont even know the measurement for the sugar and baking soda but i just made it. It taste...... NAHHHH How could you think that the dalgona gonna be delicious after you put 2 spoon of sugar and 1 spoon full of baking soda?
Okay guys, let me highlight here. To make a dalgona you just need a pin…