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GOT7 "A" M/V in Malaysia

I bet all GOT7's fans (im so sorry i don't know GOT7's fans name) know about this especially fans in Malaysia. I was planning to go to the M/V site (because my house is near) but im in other state in Malaysia and still struggling for my final. Who won't get excited for this right? Have you watch the MV? Here i got this for ya! I wouldnt have watched this if my friend didn't sent me their picture on whatsapp. Becasuse i dont know when is the music video will be released. Then right after i watched it... I just watched GOT7's MV in Malaysia and i was like "WAIT IS DAT MALAYSIA?" bcs it doest looks like it is. — 경이~ (@cute_agassi) June 23, 2014 Geizz im proud to be Malaysian. Like yea, we have been choosen by them to filming their music video isn't that sound so awesome and fabulous? My roomate said "My friends got Korean friend who stayed in Malaysia due to exchange students programe and the korean frien