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K-Idol instagram

Nowadays, instagram has become a quite popular social apps that have been used by android user, apple user also windows user. I believe most of us do have instagram account right? K-Idols also didnt miss a chance to used this social network whether for personal use or promoting use.

Okay, guess what am i going to write over here? A list of kpop idol instagram. So guys smile!

1. Super Junior    - Lee Donghae (@leedonghae)    - Yesung (@yesung1106)    -Shindong (@earlyboysd)    - Heechul (@kimheenim)
2. Girls Generation    - Taeyeon (@taeyeon_ss)    - Hyoyeon (@watashiwahyo)    - Yuri (@yulyulk)    - Sunny (@svnnynight)
3. Big Bang    - GDragon (@xxxibgdrgn)    - Taeyang (@youngbeezzy)    - Seungri (@seungriseyo)
4. B1A4    - CNU (@realcnu)    - Baro (@therealbbro)
5. U-Kiss    - Eli (@u_kisseli)
6. BAP    - Zelo (@byzelo)    - Younjae (@yjayo)    - Himchan (@himchanxoxo)    - Jongup (@m_jup)    - Bang Yongguk (@bangstergram)
7. BTOB    - Peniel (@btobpeniel)    - Minhyuk (@btob_2mh)
8. F(x)   …