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Liebster award by Eff

Thanks to Eff because tagging me in this award. I really appreciate this.

Okay now lets proceed to the question. (Yes im abandoning the exact rule for this award. Sorry).

Q: 3 Word that describe you.
A: Clumsy, boyish, forgetfull

Q:What is your fav nickname and why?
A: Ajan because with this name i feel so near to ppl who call it. I mean, it feels like family since my family call me that.

Q: Recommended movie.
A: Spellbound Romance Mystery, korean movie. Well i like the story, something that i can't expect.

Q: Recommended song.
A:  Wherever you are - One Ok Rock, Haunted - Taylor Swift, Treasure - Bruno Mars. (It's based on my most played song in my walkman)

Q: 5 things to bring when go out.
A: Handphone, purse, spec, powerbank. (Well i guess these are the only thing i got in my bag)

Q: Describe your ideal bestfriend.
A: Got an addictive laugh, know what i really mean when i said something, can bear my harsh joke, and of course "satu kepala". HAHAHA

Q: If you had achance t…

Malaysia the choosen one

Firstly, no offence to kpop fans from other country.

Today ill list down some of Kpop Music Video which has been recorded in Malaysia. (Ill only list down the music video that i know. I might not know some other mussic video that have been recorded in Malaysia. Sorry T^T)

1. Super Junior's Dancing out

2. B.A.P's Crash

3. Boys Republic's L.I.U

4. GOT7's A

Have fun watching them guys hihi.

Note: Short entry because i don't know what i should write T^T

Ridiculous story of mine

I was laughing when Hallya told me that she got fever when she ate alot of durian and i was like, it is just a durian. How can you easily be defeated by a food? But then suddenly i remember my ridiculous story.

"Well, do you wanna know something?" "What?" "I got fever when i found out about HaeSica "

This happen in 2010 when i was searching about Donghae on internet. I never expect an idol relationship since then because i was so new in fangirling world. Call me whatever you want, because im a big fans Lee Donghae back then.

Since i was too innocent in fangirling world and i was too obsess with Donghae, i cant accept the reality. But im quite strong that time because i still lookin for their video in youtube instead of looking at their picture. Well do you know how it hurt when someone you like, likes someone else?

Its hurt, to be honest. The next day, i got a light fever.

But yeah, after the fever i finally accept that im only his fans and i have nothing to…