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Fangirling day become worst

I think my fangirling day are becoming worst. Ah well it doesnt matter because i have a thought on quitting fangirling. But i feel shame on this. Fangirls should know what is the different between fangirl and sasaeng fans. Yes sasaeng fans is a fangirl. They are just to obsessive toward oppa until they could hurt oppa just want to be remembered by oppa. Yes they want oppa recognize her in anyway. So they make something that oppa cant foget. Ridiculous! How can oppa remember each of his fans?! Im talking about EXO fans actually. They are really out of their mind. I know most of EXO fans are highschool student. Why dont you just focus on your study? Sehun's brief, Xiumin's urine and Kai's poop  (Bottom right, is that a semen? Gosh pls dont tell me) As the previous sasaeng fans who steal D.O's boxer said Sehun's panties will be the next. She really keeps her promise. But may i ask you dear sasaeng fans. WHAT DID YOU THIS FOR? ARE YOU GOT REWARD ON THIS