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I got my friend to be Kai biased

Can someone tell him that being cute is not allowed here
One day my neighbour, Haliah come to my room.Walk in quick into my room and call out my name loud. I wonder what she up to. So this is actually happen.
Haliah: Ajan! I need you to tell me who is this! Me: What? Who?  Haliah: Here in this video that you gave me. Exo - Growl. Me: Oh That is Kai. Why? Haliah: I think i've fall in love with him. Me: Oh okay thats not surprise.
Well if someone is fall to Exo's Kai is not surprise. Kai got a lot of charm. He really know how to flirt. But i don't really into him. LOL i dont know why i like Dyo more, he got something which i don't really know what that is. Now, i hope Haliah couldn't see what i see on Dyo. (Sharing bias with my friend, no. but sharing bias with someone that i don't know its okay.)
Then my roommate said to Haliah, "Since when you got into this?" and Haliah points at me said "It's Ajan's fault!". I was like... What?! Okay

Mydol app - Apps for kpopper

OMG Sehun needs oxygen. Lemme volunteer.
Okay guys, i want to suggest you to the best application ever. Its going to make you love your ultimate bias more and more. The chance that you will change your ultimate bias will decrease because you're going to fall and fall and fall and keep falling in love with your bias. (I know there is a lot of oppa will debuting in the future that will ruin your bias list)

Look at the picture. Its nice right? Its going to make you keep looking at your phone screen locked and unlocked it. This apps also got "Hide the Fanship a.k.a ILKO" to hide your bias and the message appear in case that you're with your non-kpop friend (Yea you know, they will feel annoyed).

I know most of the fangirl or fanboy will saved their bias picture in the cellphone (And i bet your bias picture is more than your own picture). So this is the way to use your favorite picture.
How to get this apps: 1. Search and install "Mydol" apps. Choose the first su…

EXO Wolf 88 shirt

Imma fans of EXO now (Which who they called themselve as Exo Stans, Exotic and Exo.. whatever). I started to love their song, love their choreography, and love them. (This is bad because, Kyungsoo seems like taking Donghae's place as my ultimate bias) Okay you guys can blame it to my sister. She the one who introduce them to me. I was so innocent okay!

It is really frustrating me when i see other girl or guy wearing Wolf 88 shirt and i still don't have it. Now i need to survey which online k-shop selling this shirt with the lower price. Any suggestion will be nice >< Okay thats all. Bye

Ops not to forget. Here again i want to declare
Do Kyungsoo is my current ultimate bias
I guess nobody can resist this squishy Kyungsoo. He is so...... unexplainable. Kyungsoo is my love of a first sight. Well, whenever i watch their music video or a picture of EXO, i will be like "Oh my, he is so cute *points at him*" And my sister will answer "That Dyo and i hate him"…

K-Idol instagram

Nowadays, instagram has become a quite popular social apps that have been used by android user, apple user also windows user. I believe most of us do have instagram account right? K-Idols also didnt miss a chance to used this social network whether for personal use or promoting use.

Okay, guess what am i going to write over here? A list of kpop idol instagram. So guys smile!

1. Super Junior    - Lee Donghae (@leedonghae)    - Yesung (@yesung1106)    -Shindong (@earlyboysd)    - Heechul (@kimheenim)
2. Girls Generation    - Taeyeon (@taeyeon_ss)    - Hyoyeon (@watashiwahyo)    - Yuri (@yulyulk)    - Sunny (@svnnynight)
3. Big Bang    - GDragon (@xxxibgdrgn)    - Taeyang (@youngbeezzy)    - Seungri (@seungriseyo)
4. B1A4    - CNU (@realcnu)    - Baro (@therealbbro)
5. U-Kiss    - Eli (@u_kisseli)
6. BAP    - Zelo (@byzelo)    - Younjae (@yjayo)    - Himchan (@himchanxoxo)    - Jongup (@m_jup)    - Bang Yongguk (@bangstergram)
7. BTOB    - Peniel (@btobpeniel)    - Minhyuk (@btob_2mh)
8. F(x)   …

Ttakji is not as easy as its look

딱지 [ddak-ji] or pronounce as ttakji is a korean traditional game. Its a folded paper. It's played by smashing your ttakji on the opponent ttakji to make the opponent ttakji flip. This is a bit about ttakji to those who dont what it is before reading this post.

If you're a Running Man fans, i believe you know what am i talking about. Its a mini game that Running Man play which using 2  folded paper. Who else have try to made ttakji other than me? By watching all the Running Man member play ttakji, i thought it would be simple as ABC. But its totally wrong.

 I've made ttakji, but i can't play it.
Seriously ttakji is not easy to flip. I have tried. and tried. and tried. My percentage to flips opponent ttakji is only 1%. After i tried so hard, my hands hurt. T.T I wonder how the Running Man member play that game. Okay maybe this game is only for boys because it's need more power to flips ttakji.

[fake subs for Donghae's picture] "I know ttakji is hard to play. B…

Tagging game again.

Hello everybody! I believe all muslim kpopper is fasting right now. Happy fasting k, just dont see or watch half naked oppa or noona or unnie or hyung. Remember fasting~

1) Post this rules
2) Write 11 things about yourself
3) Answer the question that tagger set for you
4) Create 11 question for those who you want to tag
5) Create 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post
6) You're not allowed to tag back
Okay based on the rule i have to write 11 things about myself after re-post the rule. Okay here is some random thing about me:

Kpopper since 2009ELFishy since 2009Never went to Super Show eventho ima hard-elfLove cute and innocent guy *K-idols, for normal peeps idk*Can read hangul  but never understand itI've met my kpop friends at Most Amazing Concert, Aina and Ain (twins)Love dance to K-songParticipated in contest which a chance for me to fly to Korea but i just don't make itI love collecting GIF pic of my biasAlready made a video birthday for Kyuhyun, Sungm…

50 Qustion game

Charismatic. Hae, you shouldnt have to do this -,.-

Again, i got no idea to update this blog. So im gonna re-play a game that i have already play in my main blog.  If you want to join, just join. No need my permission. :) Okay lets start.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18 and find line 4.
- "Apehal nak mati akal pulak? Cuci mata la." | Kelabu by Nadia Khan, Fixi

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch? 
- Fox's container with a full of my glitter pens

3. Before you started this survey, what were you doing? 
- Find the best GIF pic of Donghae for this 50 question

4. What is the last thing you watched on TV? 
- Do it for duit. *if i wasnt wrong*

5. Without looking, guess what time it is 
- 1:45 PM

6. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 
- 1:40 PM

7. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? 
- Fans.. I mean fan's sound. No i dont have fans. lol XD

8. When did you last step outside? What were you doing? 
- Yesterday, t…

Tag game time!

Again.. After long time, i start to think about this k-bloggie. Im sorry. Seriously. I dont know what to write. Yes Donghae.. I ignored you. But dont worry Hae, you are alive in my daily life. How did you say? My bank password, my facebook password and even my UPU password was all about you. Yes, you're alive in me. But i dont know how is me in yours.

Hae's reaction after he know i have new bias
Okay lets get to the topic. We're gonna play a game right? I got tag by my sister Nadhirah. But i want to say sorry for those who got tagged from me. This tag game is so 'menyusahkan' right? So sorry. I just follow the rules as tagged blogger. T.T

1) Post this rules
2) Write 11 things about yourself
3) Answer the question that tagger set for you
4) Create 11 question for those who you want to tag
5) Create 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post
6) You're not allowed to tag back

11 Things about myself: My real name is Nur Hafzhan Bt Abdul RaufI re-write tha…

Shuffle music game

STEP to play 1. Put your music player on shuffle. 2. Press forward for each question. 3. Use the title song as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.
No cheating ok!
1. Will it be okay? Maxstep - Younique unit
2. How are you feeling today? Somebody else - Se7en
3. How do your friends see you? Coming down - 2PM
4. Will you get married? Destiny - Super Junior M
5. What is your best friend's theme song? Just once - Cho Kyuhyun
6. What is the story of your life? Hands up - 2PM
7. What was high school like? How did we get - Lee Hyori ft Daesung
8. How can you get ahead in life? Rain sound - BAP
9. What is the best thing about your friend? I got ya - Bigstar
10. What is tonight going to be like? Crazy - Teen Top
11. What is in store for the remainder of this weekend? Memories - Super Junior
12. What song describe's  you? Good friends - Super Junior
13. To describe your grandparents? Lucifer - SHINee
14. How is your life's going? Bling girl -B1A4
15. What song will they pl…

I wanna dance by Eunhae

Hey ho. Where is you dear Elfishies? Don't you feel excited about Eunhae is comeback?

Okay this is suppose to published yesterday but i was too busy. I went to my cousins engagement. Im a bit tired. *It's more to lazy actually* When i open my twitter i saw Eunhyuk's tweet. I was like OMG! I wanna dance! Unfortunately, i didn't see Donghae's tweet. Okay, im just unlucky on that day…Everybody watch this !!!!^^
— Super Junior 이동해 (@donghae861015) May 24, 2013
Let's dance dance dance…
— Eun Hyuk (@AllRiseSilver) May 24, 2013

I have already watch it last night. I cant forget the moment Hae is calling Hyuk, his eyes... Hae really have a beautiful eyes. I feel relief because Hae is not stare-ing at the camera. I couldn't make an eye contact with him even on a screen. I can feel he is like.. chanting me!

Is there Eunhae shipper here? Im a Eunhae shipper too. I got jealous on their friend-relationship. Hmm K.


Hoya porn viruses

Hello everybody.

It has been a long time i didn't update this blog. I was too busy. I'm sorry.

Back to the topic. Actually i got a new bias. He's from Infinite, Hoya. This is just accidentlly happen *i guess*. Yea, he might be my new bias, but still my Donghae is still on top of my heart. Nobody can beat it.

Okay, you can blame on this guy ----> Hafiz hyung. He's Lee Donghae's biased, just like me and other hard ELFishies. He also Hoya biased. BTW, he also got K-Bloggie. ( click here ) and follow him!

This started last week. Hyung share story about Reply 1997. "Hoya is a gay. He loves Inguk and stuff bla bla bla bla"

At first i was like, what the h-h-hoyaa? With Inguk? No way. They are not suitable together. It must be seen like superman and batman couple. You know what i mean, it's like both has muscular body. I have the same opinion like hyung. We just hate muscular couple.

But sometimes when i read about the story from hyung, i feels like Hoya i…