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Tutorial: Picture fade effect using picsart

Hi guys! I am back with simple tutorial to be share. Actually i have been asked by Apis (visit him fanboy blog & personal blog ) on how to edit biases picture into a fade effect. Down here i have attached a picture to those who don't really understand what fade effect is. Follow my insta fan-girling acc: @cute_agassi Okay what do you need are: 1. A picture of bias 2. Picsart apps. Step: 1. Select a picture = Photo > Gallery 2. Select an effect = Effect > Film  You might need to adjust the input shift and the output shift. Adjust at your desirable taste. 3. Select a mask = Mask > Lights  This will help your picture to not look too plain or pale. It is an option for you. If you want a pale and plain picture, then skip this step. 4. DONE AND SAVE!  Before and after Now your picture is ready to be upload on instagram. Good luck! P/S: It is funny when i forgot to publish this entry where i have already pr

Jeibi's counter attack

I think i have mentioned a lot about "am going to slow down my kpop thingy" "I won't have any bias" "I will like a song based on their music and not from their appearance" and so on... Even though lately i have been pushed by Apis to like GOT7, i still refuse. Read our conversation below. I take 5 minutes to think whether i should stan GOT7 or not; referring to the " Hmm bout GOT7 tu.... Introduce them to me first" So i told Nad, my sister about this. And she gave me some tips. But the tips not helping me at all. Luckily, even though the tips are not helping, i still manage to not stan them. Yeay. Until one day, Apis told me that he wanted to watch GOT7's new music video. I was like "Tak payah tengok weh". But i was eager to know their new song and i believe that i won't be liked their song. So i did watch it. To be very honest, i regret making a decision to watch their music video because i can not stay a

Standing with U

Again i have been abandoning this blog. Maybe i should do some kpop challenges to keep updated. But okay, now im going to re-do this game. Ive played this in my personal blog. So here i bring it to you. Feel free to try it. Put your music library on shuffle. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely though. Ok, go! 1. If someone say 'shelf' you say      Love dust - Big Bang 2. How would you describe yourself?      Here iam - ZE:A 3. What do you like in a guy/girl?      Heartbeat - 2PM 4. How do you feel today?      Beautiful lady - ZE:A FIVE 5. What is your life purpose?      Return - Lee Seunggi 6. What's your motto?      Hate U, Love U - Super Junior 7. What do your friend think about you?      At times - 2PM 8. What do you think about your parents?      That man -

The Jackson GOT7 doppleganger

Lately i have been quite into GOT7. Well, not really into it i was only watch a few music video of them. --Was asked to watch their movie that time by Apis. He just made me watch those music video, unfortunately i'm not obsessed over them. Yet. I'm very bad at recognizing new people to be honest. So to make me obsessed get into a group will take some time and plenty of hardwork of course. (Striking that sentence because you just don't have to spent to much time on unimportant thing, pls) It's easier to know them through their variety show. the problem is, i don't know where to get all those variety show stuff. So i just give up on them. So today's entry will be about Jackson. Why? Because Apis is Jackson biased. He keep on spamming my telegram and my whatsapp with Jackson's picture or keep on telling me to watch their video. So whenever i see Jackson, i'll be like "Wait, he looks like...." I know some of you will disagree with me. B

Kpoppers android game

Last time i introduce you to a Mydol Apps --A kpop lockscreen apps with cute and sweet message that will make you flattering. ( Click here ) to see more about this apps. Today, i will introduce you with kpoppers android game. Im not sure if you guys have already know about this, but i will still posting this especially to those who still don't know the existance of this game. I said this Kpoppers Andriod Game because i have tried search this kind of game on app store and its not available. It is an easy as playing Flappy Bird game and quite hard too . Well i hope you know what is Flappy bird game since it not available in playstore anymore due to Angry Bird crisis. It was a famous game back then. The game i play below is Kai Run. But its no more available in playstore i guess because i couldn't find it. Lets take a look how does this game looks like. It's amazing right? But don't worry. If Kai Run is no longer available, you can try to search EXO RUNNING .

The fault in my bias

Since ive been a kpopper about 5 years ago, i only have 3 ultimate bias.  Ultimate bias where this person are the one who i really care about. They're the only people who i can think when someone ask me "Who is your bias?"--okay its a lil bit cheesy here. Okay my ultimate bias are:     What similarity that they have ever since they become my ultimate bias? They have one similarity which is INJURED . I feel bad for them if making them as my ultimate bias led them to have a bad luck im so sorry. 1. Super Junior Lee Donghae. He got injured while filming Dream Team 2 which forced him to sit on a chair while other member dancing for Mr. Simple comeback --For full article, you may ( click here ) 2. EXO Do Kyungsoo Dyo accidently sprained his leg when he jump off the table. I love to see his dedication too keep going on performing eventho its hurt. You can see how he tried to minimize the usage of his left leg. --Full article, ( click here ) 3. Infi

A little bit about me

Im sorry but this is only my confession here  Its true that i've trying to slow down my fangirling mood. I've been thinking on quitting fangirling, serious. But it can be done i short time. I need some period so i can leave all this fangirl life completely. Its not fun when you trying to have fun but some people hate the way you have fun. Yes i have some friend who is not a fans of kpop. So i need to control myself and im trying to not over broad when im fangirling. That's why i have 2 twitter account, 2 blog and 2 facebook (but ive deleted my second facebook) He change my world :) It's quite easy to leave fandom because i once a die-hard-ELF. Lately Super Junior is in a hiatus mood due to its member got into military. Current ultimate bias. But then I got attached on other group. EXO this my sister make me. And Infinite, because Hyung make me. -- So i called myself as multifandom because i dont want to overly fangirl to just one group like i did t

Liebster award by Eff

Thanks to Eff  because tagging me in this award. I really appreciate this. Okay now lets proceed to the question. (Yes im abandoning the exact rule for this award. Sorry). Q: 3 Word that describe you. A: Clumsy, boyish, forgetfull Q:What is your fav nickname and why? A: Ajan because with this name i feel so near to ppl who call it. I mean, it feels like family since my family call me that. Q: Recommended movie. A: Spellbound Romance Mystery, korean movie. Well i like the story, something that i can't expect. Q: Recommended song. A:  Wherever you are - One Ok Rock, Haunted - Taylor Swift, Treasure - Bruno Mars. (It's based on my most played song in my walkman) Q: 5 things to bring when go out. A: Handphone, purse, spec, powerbank. (Well i guess these are the only thing i got in my bag) Q: Describe your ideal bestfriend. A: Got an addictive laugh, know what i really mean when i said something, can bear my harsh joke, and of course "satu kepala"

Malaysia the choosen one

Firstly, no offence to kpop fans from other country. Today ill list down some of Kpop Music Video which has been recorded in Malaysia. (Ill only list down the music video that i know. I might not know some other mussic video that have been recorded in Malaysia. Sorry T^T) 1. Super Junior's Dancing out 2. B.A.P's Crash 3. Boys Republic's L.I.U 4. GOT7's A Have fun watching them guys hihi. Note: Short entry because i don't know what i should write T^T

Ridiculous story of mine

I was laughing when Hallya told me that she got fever when she ate alot of durian and i was like, it is just a durian. How can you easily be defeated by a food? But then suddenly i remember my ridiculous story. "Well, do you wanna know something?" "What?" "I got fever when i found out about HaeSica " This happen in 2010 when i was searching about Donghae on internet. I never expect an idol relationship since then because i was so new in fangirling world. Call me whatever you want, because im a big fans Lee Donghae back then. Since i was too innocent in fangirling world and i was too obsess with Donghae, i cant accept the reality. But im quite strong that time because i still lookin for their video in youtube instead of looking at their picture. Well do you know how it hurt when someone you like, likes someone else? Its hurt, to be honest. The next day, i got a light fever. But yeah, after the fever i finally accept that im only his

GOT7 "A" M/V in Malaysia

I bet all GOT7's fans (im so sorry i don't know GOT7's fans name) know about this especially fans in Malaysia. I was planning to go to the M/V site (because my house is near) but im in other state in Malaysia and still struggling for my final. Who won't get excited for this right? Have you watch the MV? Here i got this for ya! I wouldnt have watched this if my friend didn't sent me their picture on whatsapp. Becasuse i dont know when is the music video will be released. Then right after i watched it... I just watched GOT7's MV in Malaysia and i was like "WAIT IS DAT MALAYSIA?" bcs it doest looks like it is. — 경이~ (@cute_agassi) June 23, 2014 Geizz im proud to be Malaysian. Like yea, we have been choosen by them to filming their music video isn't that sound so awesome and fabulous? My roomate said "My friends got Korean friend who stayed in Malaysia due to exchange students programe and the korean frien

I am jealous with 94-liners idol

Firstly i have to remind you (read: readers) that this entry is going to be a liltle bit overrated. Geiz, my pervert side is coming out. So those underage reader, i advice you to close this blog. If you think you have matured enough than it's okay. I guess haha. As you can read the tittle above, i am jealous with 94-liners idol. Yes, girls idol. Why? They're so pretty, cute, talented person and LUCKY. Sometimes live can be not fair. Who and why? Check all of these picture first and you will understand. 1. Sulli, F(x) - To the beautiful you 2. Suzy, Miss A - Big 3. Suzy, Miss A - Dream High  4. Krystal, F(x) - The heirs Answer: Kissing scene in the drama! That are some of the drama that i watched. I don't know about other drama (Since i don't really watch drama because i know i can never wait until its end on the same day). Have you ever watched the video below? They even protect Taemin's lips. UWAAAAAA Well okay, maybe

EXO K - Overdose Music Video (Lyrics hangul and romanization)

EXO-K_중독(Overdose)_Music Video Lyrics hangul: ( 백현 ) 모든 걸 걸고 널 들이킨 나 이젠 돌이킬 수도 없다 (D.O.) 이건 분명한 위험한 중독 so bad no one can stop her ( 수호)  Her love, her love오직 그거 하나만 바라 그녀의 사랑 하나뿐이걸 ( 백현 )  치명적인 fantasy 황홀한 그 안에 취해 (D.O.)  Oh she wants me Oh she scars me ( 백현 )  Oh she hurts me 좋아 더 갈망하고있어 (ALL) Someone call the doctor 날 붙잡고 말해줘 사랑 분명 중독 OVERDOSE 시간이 지날수록 통제는 힘들어져 점점 깊속이 빠져간다 에오 TOO MUCH 너야 YOUR LOVE 이건 OVERDOSE TOO MUCH 너야 YOUR LOVE 이건 OVERDOSE ( 백현 )  노리는 그 손길로 온 너 보내는 너를 갈구해 좀 더 (수호)  가빠진 숨으로 질식한 후에 전율 그리곤 한숨 ( 카이)  Her love, her love 독한 약 같아 내겐 헤어나올 수 없는 destiny (D.O.) 피는 뜨거워지지 yeah 마침내 모두 지배해 ( 백현)  Oh she wants me Oh she scars me (D.O.) Oh she hurts me 계속 너만 그리고 그린 나 (ALL) Someone call the doctor 날 붙잡고 말해줘 사랑 분명 중독 OVERDOSE 시간이 지날수록 통제는 힘들어져 점점 깊속이 빠져간다 에오 TOO MUCH 너야 YOUR LOVE 이건 OVERDOSE TOO MUCH 너야 YOUR LOVE 이건 OVERDOSE (수호)  모두 나 내게 물어와 (D.O.) 내가 변한 것 같데 (수호)  심장인 니가 바껴 버린 듯 ( 백현)  세상이 온통 너인데


Guess who just watched Reply1997? Me! Yea i know this is not a new drama. Im a bit late about drama lately (about kpop too). That's why i haven't update this blog for a long time. Okay lets go to the point. This drama is about their friendship since in highschool until they grown up having their own job and married. You will going to love this drama after you watch it. Please do watch it. It do contain a lot of friendship value in this drama. Cast: Jung Eunji as Sung Shiwon Seo Inguk as Yoon YoonJae Shin SoYul as Mo YooJung Hoya as Kang JoonHee Eun JiWon as Do HakChan Lee SiEun as Bang SungJae After watching this, i started to watch A-Pink's Music Video AAAa (I was only stan for boy group) I cant bear how cute Eunji is and i really ship her with Inguk lol. (No hate Eunji's fans. I was only too obsessive over this drama. Pardon me T^T) Err i do ship Hoya and Inguk too. XD Muahh XXX

Kris on instagram!

It has been a long time i haven't update anything on this blog. I quite left behind in Kpop news. But yes, i heard about EXO comeback. Yeay. Im anticipating this. By the way this entry will be about Kris's instagram. But first, to those who have an instagram, have you followed our Mr. Galaxy Kris? Not yet? Okay here i brought you to Kris's instagram, @galaxy_fanfan. Im welcoming his first picture ever on instagram. Don't forget to follow him, exostan! WELCOME TO GALAXY Well i hope Tao will make an instagram account too. Tao likes to take picture right? This is the time that Kris have to teach Tao how to use instagram and have his own picture gallery. Taoris, oh i really can't resist their brotherly love. Okay that's all. So long!

Fangirling day become worst

I think my fangirling day are becoming worst. Ah well it doesnt matter because i have a thought on quitting fangirling. But i feel shame on this. Fangirls should know what is the different between fangirl and sasaeng fans. Yes sasaeng fans is a fangirl. They are just to obsessive toward oppa until they could hurt oppa just want to be remembered by oppa. Yes they want oppa recognize her in anyway. So they make something that oppa cant foget. Ridiculous! How can oppa remember each of his fans?! Im talking about EXO fans actually. They are really out of their mind. I know most of EXO fans are highschool student. Why dont you just focus on your study? Sehun's brief, Xiumin's urine and Kai's poop  (Bottom right, is that a semen? Gosh pls dont tell me) As the previous sasaeng fans who steal D.O's boxer said Sehun's panties will be the next. She really keeps her promise. But may i ask you dear sasaeng fans. WHAT DID YOU THIS FOR? ARE YOU GOT REWARD ON THIS

Baekhyun's makeup tutorial

I don't know what is wrong with me. I keep on posting about Baekhyun. Anyway, this won't change anything about kyungsoo. He is still my ultimate bias okay. I repeat, he is still my ultimate bias. LOL I really jealous with Baekhyun's eyes. His eyes looks very good with eyeliner. It doesn't mean that i don't know how to put up an eyeliner but as a girl, looking at Baekhyun which is a guy who are great with eyeliner makes me feel...... Disqualified for being a girl. Baekhyun pls. This makeup tutorial that i wish i could try. My mum used to give me her eye shadow after she get a new one. But i never use it. Now i think it's the right time. Okay lets give a try.  This February, lets us be Fabulous bcs its fab. Yeah fab. Okay pls ignore this. Good luck girls :) I found this picture from my facebook. I didn't know it is not fully uploaded. Sorry T^T

Baekhyun the byuntae

This entry will be continuous entry from my last january entry which is "Kai is more innocent than Baekhyun?" okay for those who haven't read that, you can ( click here ). But this entry will be explain more about Baekhyun, not Kai. I know most of Baekhyun's fans cannot believe on this even my friend asking me "Is this real? But he is so innocent." On her request, i do some search on this. Typically a korean name given to a guy. Baekhyun is a very fun, loud guy. He is not afraid to be himself and has a tendency to fanboy over pretty girls. He is an amazing singer and his vocal ability is sky high.   He is somewhat perverted as he likes to be very close to people, but this should not be mistaken as an actual pervert because his actions are just a confirmation that he is very comfortable with you and enjoys being in your company. Baekhyuns middle name is perfection. His appearance is enough to take ones breath away cr: Urban Dictionary Okay th