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Kpoppers android game

Last time i introduce you to a Mydol Apps --A kpop lockscreen apps with cute and sweet message that will make you flattering. (Click here) to see more about this apps.

Today, i will introduce you with kpoppers android game. Im not sure if you guys have already know about this, but i will still posting this especially to those who still don't know the existance of this game. I said this Kpoppers Andriod Game because i have tried search this kind of game on app store and its not available.

It is an easy as playing Flappy Bird game and quite hard too. Well i hope you know what is Flappy bird game since it not available in playstore anymore due to Angry Bird crisis. It was a famous game back then.

The game i play below is Kai Run. But its no more available in playstore i guess because i couldn't find it. Lets take a look how does this game looks like.

It's amazing right? But don't worry. If Kai Run is no longer available, you can try to search EXO RUNNING. That is the curr…

The fault in my bias

Since ive been a kpopper about 5 years ago, i only have 3 ultimate bias.  Ultimate bias where this person are the one who i really care about. They're the only people who i can think when someone ask me "Who is your bias?"--okay its a lil bit cheesy here.

Okay my ultimate bias are:

What similarity that they have ever since they become my ultimate bias? They have one similarity which is INJURED. I feel bad for them if making them as my ultimate bias led them to have a bad luck im so sorry.

1. Super Junior Lee Donghae.

He got injured while filming Dream Team 2 which forced him to sit on a chair while other member dancing for Mr. Simple comeback --For full article, you may (click here)

2. EXO Do Kyungsoo

Dyo accidently sprained his leg when he jump off the table. I love to see his dedication too keep going on performing eventho its hurt. You can see how he tried to minimize the usage of his left leg. --Full article, (click here)

3. Infinite Lee Howon

I don't really know ab…

A little bit about me

Im sorry but this is only my confession here 
Its true that i've trying to slow down my fangirling mood. I've been thinking on quitting fangirling, serious. But it can be done i short time. I need some period so i can leave all this fangirl life completely.

Its not fun when you trying to have fun but some people hate the way you have fun. Yes i have some friend who is not a fans of kpop. So i need to control myself and im trying to not over broad when im fangirling. That's why i have 2 twitter account, 2 blog and 2 facebook (but ive deleted my second facebook)

He change my world :)
It's quite easy to leave fandom because i once a die-hard-ELF. Lately Super Junior is in a hiatus mood due to its member got into military.

Current ultimate bias.
But then I got attached on other group. EXO this my sister make me. And Infinite, because Hyung make me. -- So i called myself as multifandom because i dont want to overly fangirl to just one group like i did to Super Junior. Fan…