I'll reveal my bias.

Okay, i have a bad news. I'm gonna be hiatus because i need to continue my study at Matrik in Perak. If i could make a new entry in the future i'll tell you guys. So today, i'll reveal my bias in other K-group other than Super Junior. *Before this, i only talk about SJ right? This is because i'ma Major ELF.*

If you find there is unlisted group name, that's mean i don't have bias in the group or i don't really know about the member of the group. Actually, i become a k-popper because i love their music. Yes! That the number one reason WHY I LOVE KPOP. Not because their cute or handsome. But i don't deny when some people says that i just like other fangirl who love cute boys. Hey, nobody hate cute boys right? So do I. >.<

Here i give the list with their fanclub name.

2AM [ I Am ]

2NE1 [ Blackjack ]
-Park Bom

2PM [ Hottest ]

B1A4 [ BANA ]

BAP [ Baby ]

Beast [ B2UTY ]

Big Bang [ VIP ]

Block B
-B Bomb

Boyfriend [ Bestfriend ]

DBSK [ Cassiopeia ]  //I love to pretend that they're still the 5 DBSK. I miss them//

F(x) [ Af(x)tion ] //Non official//

- L
- Woohyun

Miss A [ Say A ]

SHINee [ Shawol ]

Super Junior [ ELF ]
-Other member of Super Junior

U-Kiss [ Kiss Me ]

Okay, down here i'll list the unlisted group that i don't have a bias in it. I just love their song. But i was too lazy to know more about them. If i get a chance to go to their showcase or concert or fanmeeting, maybe i'm gonna be their fans.

Lately, i went to Jaypark's Showcase in KL because my friend won 4 ticket. And... guest what? A new J-Walker is born. Yeah. Thats me. ♥

Ok, lets list the unlisted group. I'll list it with my favorite song.

- Heart to heart

A Pink
- My My

- So crazy

- Don't leave

As One
- Lovin' ice cream

Brown Eyed Girl
- Cleansing Cream

- No no no no no

CN Blue
- *OMG, i love all CN Blue song. I can't list*

- That man opposed
- The romantic

- Don't say goodbye

- Please don't say

Ft Island
- Not A True Goodbye

- Hello *Err, i love all of his music! ><*

- Monalisa

My Name

- Face

- Shy boy

-So cool

Teen Top
- *I love most all of their music*

- Watch Out

Got same bias as mine? Say hi to your honey. *honey in malay means Madu which can be mean as second wife*

Err, actually this entry should be publish before i got into matriks. But because of i don't have enough time to publish, so i publish this after 2 month i stay in matriks. Mianhae. My sister will handle this blog for a while. Keep on anticipating for her post in this blog. Saranghae.


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