Jeibi's counter attack

I think i have mentioned a lot about "am going to slow down my kpop thingy" "I won't have any bias" "I will like a song based on their music and not from their appearance" and so on...

Even though lately i have been pushed by Apis to like GOT7, i still refuse. Read our conversation below. I take 5 minutes to think whether i should stan GOT7 or not; referring to the "Hmm bout GOT7 tu.... Introduce them to me first"

So i told Nad, my sister about this. And she gave me some tips. But the tips not helping me at all. Luckily, even though the tips are not helping, i still manage to not stan them. Yeay.

Until one day, Apis told me that he wanted to watch GOT7's new music video. I was like "Tak payah tengok weh". But i was eager to know their new song and i believe that i won't be liked their song. So i did watch it.

To be very honest, i regret making a decision to watch their music video because i can not stay away from this song (It's addicting i must say). And guess who took my attention in this music video?


I wasn't a fans of JB since i watched Dream High 2 because i never like his character. Apis was so excited knowing that i'm into JB. Because he is into JB too right now

This is our favorite part of Jeibi

Huh JB needs to stop being so cool in the video because i might lose my breathe by just watching him ;A; Instead of saying "Please stop baby stop it" to us.

You guys might want to know a story from apis's perception. You guys may visit his blog :


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