Lee donghae is brilliant.

Have you raed aoubt taht our bairn can raed a snetnece even tghouoh the agemnerraet of the ltteer is wnorg ? Tihs is bceasue our barin dnot raed the lteetr one by one, but it raed the wlohe leettr as lnog the frsit and the lsat lteetr is put at the rghit pacle. Tihs is fcat.

What I’m trying to say is our Super Junior Lee Donghae is brilliant enough to try this fact to his fan. Have you read about Lee donghae’s fact which is:
Lee Donghae leave a message to his fan at fancafe, then Lee Sungmin tell him that he had write it wrong because he writes ‘I LVOE YOU’.

Our Lee Donghae had gave his fans a sweet things. Maybe he’d just did it accidently but as an ELFISHY, I found that he’s so brilliant. Don’t you feel the same, my HONEY? //I call you honey because in bahasa honey is ‘madu’. ‘Madu’ is a name that we give to a girl who married to the same  husband :)


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