I found Lee Donghae's ideal girl.

Do you know what Donghae's ideal girl? Ok, actually i've read a lot of Lee Donghae's fun fact, video etc. Here, i found a video that show us his ideal girl. Please take a look.

See the girl? Yes! that girl! How i can say that he likes her?

1. He said that he want to dance for her.
2. Donghae only stare at that girl when dancing, even has been ask to dance for the fans too.
3. Donghae start to move towards her. //He want to get close to her.
4. He touch the girls hair at 0:47 on the video.

Okay now, lets see his fact about his ideal girl.
1. Donghae’s ideal girl: Likes girl with silky hair
As we can see, the girl in the video has a very silky hair right?

2. Donghae likes girl who has nice forehead, so when he sees it, he feels like he wants to kiss it
This also has at the girl in the video. Her hair style shows her forehead.

3. He like girl with a big eyes and long hair
The girl from the first video has big enough eyes and long hair.

4. Donghae likes a girl with fair skin
The girl's skin from the first video is quite fair right? Of course lah! She's chinese.

I bet all of the Lee Donghae's fans know about HaeSica right? It's Lee Donghae (Super Junior)  and Jessica Jung (SNSD) is a couple. Their now just -ex.
Picture above is HaeSica. See, Jessica also complete Donghae's girl type.

I think from now on, i need to wait for my hair grow longer and make sure it's silky. I also will take care of my skin i want fair skin! Huaaa!!

For other who are not Lee Donghae Biased, here i have a video for you. Make sure that you have your biased taste. Peace (Y)

I'm so sorry if i write something wrong about him. Please correct me.

UPDATE [4/12/2012]

Aha! I bet everybody know about Son EunSeo. It's Lee Donghae's partner in WGM right? Starting from their first meeting that is their blind date, Donghae has choose her as a girl he like *the touching sideburn thingy*. Don't you think that Donghae really likes her?

You know what? She got all the characteristic of Donghae's ideal girl just like what i've wrote in this entry above. Seriously, if he likes her, just marry her for real and not for TV show ok. :) I'll be happy for that 


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