Tagging game again.

Hello everybody! I believe all muslim kpopper is fasting right now. Happy fasting k, just dont see or watch half naked oppa or noona or unnie or hyung. Remember fasting~

1) Post this rules
2) Write 11 things about yourself
3) Answer the question that tagger set for you
4) Create 11 question for those who you want to tag
5) Create 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post
6) You're not allowed to tag back

Okay based on the rule i have to write 11 things about myself after re-post the rule. Okay here is some random thing about me:

  • Kpopper since 2009
  • ELFishy since 2009
  • Never went to Super Show eventho ima hard-elf
  • Love cute and innocent guy *K-idols, for normal peeps idk*
  • Can read hangul  but never understand it
  • I've met my kpop friends at Most Amazing Concert, Aina and Ain (twins)
  • Love dance to K-song
  • Participated in contest which a chance for me to fly to Korea but i just don't make it
  • I love collecting GIF pic of my bias
  • Already made a video birthday for Kyuhyun, Sungmin and Donghae
  • Never be a 'lucky girl' at concert T.T

Okay next i have to answer a bunch of question from taggers, its from Fatin. So here we go..

1. Perkara paling sweet awak pernah bayangkan.
Urmm okay lets imagined together.. Donghae got stressed out with his career *well you know he's now an actor, singer, dancer since he is so clumsy, i guess maybe his manager got mad on him* So he'd run away to Malaysia. To be short, i got bumped on him and BBANG! were dating. LOL I dont think this is sweet. I dont know how to think sweet since im not a romantic person.

2. Satu baris ayat atau rangkap yang paling awak suka dalam lagu yang paling awak suka.
Hurting, you try to hold me back, But I’m a cowardly man, Who doesn’t have the confidence to give happiness to anyone beside her, Don’t love someone like me again. - Lets not by Super Junior. I feel so sad listening to this song. Lets just give second chance?

3. Who is you bias?
How can i list all of them? I have bias on each group i know. But only Lee Donghae is the top all of them :)

4. What's makes you 'fall in love' with your ultimate bias?
His smile, his personality, his jaw line,  his lips, his stupidity, i dont know. All about him, Donghae.

5. Movie/Drama/Anime/Manga/Novel yang meninggalkan kesan mendalam kepada diri anda.
Actually every movie or drama or anime or novel did give some effect on me, especially on my self esteem and my characteristic. But really mendalam. All the effect will just fade and im become myself again XD

6. Choose; sport guys or normal guys? Why?
I-i-i-i dont know. I think both dont really give a big difference. Maybe just their body figure. So, i dont really mind both.

7. Pandangan anda tentang first love.
First love or love in first sight? If its first love, i dont think i can answer this because i dont have even one. If its love in first sight, its probably you're fall in love by just his/her look.

8. Describe yourself in one word.

9. Do you have any strange habits?
Strange habit... hmm i do. When im angry, i write my 'unsatisfied' thing on paper over and over again until it rips.

10. Satu perkara tentang your opposite gender?
Im sorry, but i dont understand the question T.T

11. What would you do if your own bestfriend fall in love with your crush? And she/he doesnt even know about it.
Im just gonna keep it silent and smile whenever she talk about my crush. If the situation go further like they're in relationship, im gonna write it on my diary and cry. My tears on my diary is a prove i really sad. Because i dont like share my 'stupidness' or sad thing with other.

Okay done. Right now im gonna writes some question...

1. Sexy part on your body.
2. You blame on the guy/girl who make you fall in love or you blame on yourself who fall in love?
3. How do you describe bestfriend?
4. How do you know that you're fall in love with your own bestfriend?
5. Looks into a food picture will make you full or hungry?
6. How do you differentiate between cute and handsome?
7. Lollipop or cotton candy?
8. Bad boy or innocent guy?
9. Do you believe in second chance?
10. If you're nervous, do you have a tips to cool down?
11. How long that you take to answer my question?

Yeah, last rule. finaly. Tag people.



  1. Thanks jawab soalan buang masa ._. /heuheu/

  2. @faten.banana : HAHA tak de la buang masa sangat. At least ada benda nak post. Thanks tag btw :)


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