Ttakji is not as easy as its look

딱지 [ddak-ji] or pronounce as ttakji is a korean traditional game. Its a folded paper. It's played by smashing your ttakji on the opponent ttakji to make the opponent ttakji flip. This is a bit about ttakji to those who dont what it is before reading this post.

If you're a Running Man fans, i believe you know what am i talking about. Its a mini game that Running Man play which using 2  folded paper. Who else have try to made ttakji other than me? By watching all the Running Man member play ttakji, i thought it would be simple as ABC. But its totally wrong.

 I've made ttakji, but i can't play it.

Seriously ttakji is not easy to flip. I have tried. and tried. and tried. My percentage to flips opponent ttakji is only 1%. After i tried so hard, my hands hurt. T.T I wonder how the Running Man member play that game. Okay maybe this game is only for boys because it's need more power to flips ttakji.

[fake subs for Donghae's picture]
"I know ttakji is hard to play. But i can't give up"

Okay here i share my own ttakji. You know, making ttakji is more fun than play it. Trust me. So my ttakji is now just an accessory in my drawer. So to those who want to try make a ttakji, just [click here] her tutorial is easy and understanable :)

OMG. Right now Running Man make a fanmeeting [RACE START! Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2013] and it will come to Malaysia. I bet all Malaysian's Running Man's fans are really excited. Im also excited. But i cant go. On the day which they come to Malaysia, i will be at Kedah to further my study.

To those who want to buy the ticket, you can [visit here] And yeah.. If you're going to the fanmeet, can you pls say to Ha Donghoon that im his fans? >< Tell him to stay cute. lols


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