Liebster award by Eff

Thanks to Eff because tagging me in this award. I really appreciate this.

Okay now lets proceed to the question. (Yes im abandoning the exact rule for this award. Sorry).

Q: 3 Word that describe you.
A: Clumsy, boyish, forgetfull

Q:What is your fav nickname and why?
A: Ajan because with this name i feel so near to ppl who call it. I mean, it feels like family since my family call me that.

Q: Recommended movie.
A: Spellbound Romance Mystery, korean movie. Well i like the story, something that i can't expect.

Q: Recommended song.
A:  Wherever you are - One Ok Rock, Haunted - Taylor Swift, Treasure - Bruno Mars. (It's based on my most played song in my walkman)

Q: 5 things to bring when go out.
A: Handphone, purse, spec, powerbank. (Well i guess these are the only thing i got in my bag)

Q: Describe your ideal bestfriend.
A: Got an addictive laugh, know what i really mean when i said something, can bear my harsh joke, and of course "satu kepala". HAHAHA

Q: If you had achance to travel, which country would you like to go?
A: Err can i say Korea bcs i want to stalk my idol. HAHAHA okay  bye

Q: How long have you be a blogger?
A: Im blogging since 2010. So its 4 years now.

Q: What is interesting of being blogger?
A: Well, its like an interesting open diary. You can put a lot of picture, decorate your own "diary" and let people know what have you done. Share the good deed is the best.

Q: Ever been in a realtionship? How does it feel when having them?
A: All my relationship experience was a one-sided relationship. Don't ask about the feeling because its hurt to see them liking other and not noticing you.

Q: When was the best moment of your life?
A: All moment when i get together with my family and friend because being alone is sucks.

Now my question are;

Sorry no question because im out of idea since i've answered a lot of liebster award and create a lot of question. Please understand me. I don't want to give a boring question but i don't know how to be creative again T^T

Tagged bloggers;

Sorry, no tagged blogger since i can't create a question.


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