Ridiculous story of mine

I was laughing when Hallya told me that she got fever when she ate alot of durian and i was like, it is just a durian. How can you easily be defeated by a food? But then suddenly i remember my ridiculous story.

"Well, do you wanna know something?"
"I got fever when i found out about HaeSica "

This happen in 2010 when i was searching about Donghae on internet. I never expect an idol relationship since then because i was so new in fangirling world. Call me whatever you want, because im a big fans Lee Donghae back then.

Since i was too innocent in fangirling world and i was too obsess with Donghae, i cant accept the reality. But im quite strong that time because i still lookin for their video in youtube instead of looking at their picture. Well do you know how it hurt when someone you like, likes someone else?

Its hurt, to be honest. The next day, i got a light fever.

But yeah, after the fever i finally accept that im only his fans and i have nothing to do with his personal life business. I was hardly to accept that.

These are my entry about Donghae that i myself feels so hard to publish it. I can't believe it that i really wrote that: 1, 2, 3.

Note: Yes, i heard about Baekhyun, EXO and Taeyon, Girls Generation are dating. I heard that Taeyeon has been bashed by Exo's fans. Im actaully disappointed about this. How can you call yourself as a fans but you've done something that make your idols unhappy? Immature-selfish-fans, when are you going to wake up?


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