Tutorial: Picture fade effect using picsart

Hi guys! I am back with simple tutorial to be share.

Actually i have been asked by Apis (visit him fanboy blog & personal blog) on how to edit biases picture into a fade effect. Down here i have attached a picture to those who don't really understand what fade effect is.

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Okay what do you need are:
1. A picture of bias
2. Picsart apps.

1. Select a picture = Photo > Gallery

2. Select an effect = Effect > Film

 You might need to adjust the input shift and the output shift. Adjust at your desirable taste.

3. Select a mask = Mask > Lights

 This will help your picture to not look too plain or pale. It is an option for you. If you want a pale and plain picture, then skip this step.

 Before and after

Now your picture is ready to be upload on instagram. Good luck!

P/S: It is funny when i forgot to publish this entry where i have already prepared long time ago and even picsart have updated it's apps into different look. Ah silly me.


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