Thursday, September 22, 2016

The plot twist!

This entry is a prequel entry for my past 2 years entry which is Jeibi's counter attack. If you haven't read those entry, this (link) will help you.

19th September 2016
Apis and I were discussing about Infinite's latest music video entitled The Eye. After a long ridiculous discussion, suddenly Apis was like

"BTW, i don't have any feel toward Hoya anymore"

He was kind of regreting stan on Hoya and claimed that he was a fans of Kang Joon Hee, a character in Reply 1996 that was played by Hoya. "Kila told me that she dosent like Hoya and every single thing she said are things that i don't like on Hoya" he added.

I was like "Im not a fans of Hoya too". I am originially not a fans of Hoya and not even a fans of Infinte. Most of the time, i was pushed to stan them by Apis. He used to spam me his bias. "Aku salahkan kau" i told him.

We were trying hard to claim that we both are neither a fans of Infinte nor Hoya. Suddenly, everything started to change when Apis said "GOT7 dulu pon salah aku gak kan?"

I was a fans of GOT7 (sort of) before i knew it myself . I hate me. Damn. I am pretty sure that i am not a fans of any group that time. I believed that my fangirling life is always pushed by Apis until he prove me wrong.

Apis, you succeed!

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  1. dan aku rasa.

    kau boleh kot tukar list current ultimate bias kau tuh ><