Standing with U

Again i have been abandoning this blog. Maybe i should do some kpop challenges to keep updated. But okay, now im going to re-do this game. Ive played this in my personal blog. So here i bring it to you. Feel free to try it.

  1. Put your music library on shuffle.
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely though.
  4. Ok, go!

1. If someone say 'shelf' you say
     Love dust - Big Bang

2. How would you describe yourself?
     Here iam - ZE:A

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
     Heartbeat - 2PM

4. How do you feel today?
     Beautiful lady - ZE:A FIVE

5. What is your life purpose?
     Return - Lee Seunggi

6. What's your motto?
     Hate U, Love U - Super Junior

7. What do your friend think about you?
     At times - 2PM

8. What do you think about your parents?
     That man - Hyunbin

9. What do you think about very often?
     Just a litle thing - My Name

10. What is 2+2?
      Monster - Big Bang

11. What do you think about your bestfriend?
      Remember - B1A4

12. What do you think about the person you like?
      Special girl - Infinite H

13. What is your life story?
      No other - Super Junior

14. What do you want to be if you grow up?
      Just once - Kyuhyun

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
      Andante - Super Junior

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
      Go - Super Junior M

17. What will they play at your funeral?
      Sleep well goodnight - B1A4

18. What is your biggest fear?
      Over the top - Infinite

19. What is your biggest secret?
       Never give up - Bang Yongguk & Zelo

20. What you will post this as
       Standing with U - Boyfriend

If you want to read my previous answer towards this question, you may (click here). Sometimes the song match the question. Im impressed!

I started to have least passionate towards kpop. That's why i rarely updating this blog. Im sorry.


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