The fault in my bias

Since ive been a kpopper about 5 years ago, i only have 3 ultimate bias.  Ultimate bias where this person are the one who i really care about. They're the only people who i can think when someone ask me "Who is your bias?"--okay its a lil bit cheesy here.

Okay my ultimate bias are:


What similarity that they have ever since they become my ultimate bias? They have one similarity which is INJURED. I feel bad for them if making them as my ultimate bias led them to have a bad luck im so sorry.

1. Super Junior Lee Donghae.

He got injured while filming Dream Team 2 which forced him to sit on a chair while other member dancing for Mr. Simple comeback --For full article, you may (click here)

2. EXO Do Kyungsoo

Dyo accidently sprained his leg when he jump off the table. I love to see his dedication too keep going on performing eventho its hurt. You can see how he tried to minimize the usage of his left leg. --Full article, (click here)

3. Infinite Lee Howon

I don't really know about until i open up my twitter and found out Hoya got injured. Its really heartbreak me when Hoya only can stand at the other side of stage because he cant dance. And i even found a picture of him got piggy back due to his injures --Full article, (click here) and (click here)

I can conclude that all my ultimate bias gonna have a sprained ankle. So i think i have to stop picking another k-idol as my bias. It's not that i believe that i bring bad luck to them but i want to focus on my current ultimate bias haha --I know i shouldn't make fun of this but a little "haha" will lessen my guilty. Bye

This entry actually has been scheduled to be publish tomorrow but i don't think that i can hold it anymore.


To Lee Howon,

Please get enough rest and please take care of yourself. Get well soon. I'm not good making a sweet or nice word but believe me, that i'm serious about this. Inspirit will agree with this, i know.

Your Inspirit,


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