A little bit about me

Im sorry but this is only my confession here 

Its true that i've trying to slow down my fangirling mood. I've been thinking on quitting fangirling, serious. But it can be done i short time. I need some period so i can leave all this fangirl life completely.

Its not fun when you trying to have fun but some people hate the way you have fun. Yes i have some friend who is not a fans of kpop. So i need to control myself and im trying to not over broad when im fangirling. That's why i have 2 twitter account, 2 blog and 2 facebook (but ive deleted my second facebook)

He change my world :)

It's quite easy to leave fandom because i once a die-hard-ELF. Lately Super Junior is in a hiatus mood due to its member got into military.

Current ultimate bias.

But then I got attached on other group. EXO this my sister make me. And Infinite, because Hyung make me. -- So i called myself as multifandom because i dont want to overly fangirl to just one group like i did to Super Junior. Fangirl to Super Junior was great but i think i just toooo obsess? Haha

So i don't want to get too obsess over any group. I only watch MV for their song, video and choreo but not because of the member. Yes im still love to watch choreographer for every kpop song. I love dancing, i even wish that i can join any dancing group.

I admit that being an obsesive fangirl is so annoying because sometime the comeback song does not suit your taste but you still need to vote for it or give it a compliment just because you want to be a loyal fandom.--Yes i did this. I regret buying 2 album which have a song that doesnt match me.

So my current status towards kpop is, yes im still a kpopper. I can be the person who you want to fangirl with, in a low rate because im slowing down my fangirl activity.

Having in a fandom is so great, all fans were so creative, nice and pervert too HAHA --you guys, so cool omg. what is great being a fandom is you can easily get friend and you wont get awkward!

Apis, 92-liner, is still my favorite person to fangirl with since 2012 i guess. --proof.

Ive been experience to stand for almost 5hr just to watch concert in a good view, win a showcase ticket, ive spent lot of money buy an album and merchandise, i have experience on jump on paid ticket area while i suppose to be on free area, ive been in a fanwar, ive made a lot of account just to vote my favorite group. In other word, I know how is it feel to be a fangirl. --luckily im not born in Korea. I think i'll become sasaeng fans if im in korea. LMAO

Okay now 1 fun fact a bout myself, i dont stan girl group pls dont ask me why. I just cant.

Note: I promise to myself, if i got dean list this sem ill get myself Infinite's Back album. And now guess who is going to get her album? Me! Hehe

Ugh i know there is no point for this entry but, yeah im still going to post it. Bye.


  1. kau. upload. gambar. conversation. kita. oomg.

    1. Bukan dah lama ke aku upload? Takpe kita masih comel dan inesen masa ni XD


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