Kpoppers android game

Last time i introduce you to a Mydol Apps --A kpop lockscreen apps with cute and sweet message that will make you flattering. (Click here) to see more about this apps.

Today, i will introduce you with kpoppers android game. Im not sure if you guys have already know about this, but i will still posting this especially to those who still don't know the existance of this game. I said this Kpoppers Andriod Game because i have tried search this kind of game on app store and its not available.

It is an easy as playing Flappy Bird game and quite hard too. Well i hope you know what is Flappy bird game since it not available in playstore anymore due to Angry Bird crisis. It was a famous game back then.

The game i play below is Kai Run. But its no more available in playstore i guess because i couldn't find it. Lets take a look how does this game looks like.

It's amazing right? But don't worry. If Kai Run is no longer available, you can try to search EXO RUNNING. That is the current game that i have been playing right now.

By tapping on the "setting", you will be able to choose you favorite member

Tap "play" to start game and you will see thing like this

After you tap, "your-fav-member" will start to move. Tap on the screen to avoid the obstacle.

To get this game on playstore, you may (click here).

"Its great but im not a fans of EXO hmm.." --Well don't be sad baby, we have more from developer. (Click here) (Click here) (Click here) From that link you will find more game like this for other group. Go on click and explore!


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