Kpop tag from Ann Nabyla

It has been a while i haven't got a tag from anybody. This tag really makes me happy. Well i got this tag about four days ago, the day which my lappy got problem with wifi connection. I was like ugh...

Yay im going to do this tag. This tag is for kpop blogger to know more kpop blogger.

This is actually how my face change when i receive an email saying that i got a comment from Ann Nabyla saying that i got tagged by her. Im touched. T^T

  • Post the rules
  • Answer the question that the tagger asks you then make 11 new one
  • Tag 11 people and link them to your post
  • Let them know that you tag them

Okay now let the interview session begins. Wee

1. Who is your bias?
Well to be very honest i got a lot of bias since im a multifandom fans. But i can assure you that my very ultimate bias is Super Junior, Lee Donghae and EXO, Do Kyungsoo.

2. Why do you like him/her?
I dont know why. I attract to stupid-cute-innocent faced guy. It feels like i need to be with him all the time and protect him. (I sounds like a guy. Euw)

3. How you can like him/her?
I like Donghae because of his angelic attitude and everything change to be cute and innocent (at first i dont see him as a cute guy, serious!). I like Kyungsoo because of his face, he is total innocent i have to say and his habit which is "likes to hit EXO member" really completes him. Balance with white and black side XD

4. The most picture of your bias that you like.
I cant resist a guy in suit with messy hair. My innocent bby Hae T^T

Should i go there and make my Kyungsoo hair messy?

5. Which Kpop group that you like the most?
Well im a multifandom fans. I dont rank them. They are all at the same rank which is top of my heart. But currently i'm more to EXO.

6. Do you have any Kpop thing?
Well i have a lot to be honest (not really haha). From album to unofficial merchandise. But i don't buy official merchandise, it is too expensive T^T

7. Your favorite Kpop song?
Err i don't know. I listen to all song randomly. But let see my top 5 Most played song on my phone.
- I will be on your side by Coffee boy (K-indie not K-pop, but still i want to put this ><)
- That Xx by G Dragon
- Thriller by BTOB
- 0330 by U-Kiss

8. Music video of Kpop song that you like.
(click on the picture to watch it)

9. Who is the best couple for your bias?
If you mean the "brotherly couple", i choose Eunhyuk for Donghae and Kai for Kyungsoo. But if you mean the "girls-guy relationship", then i choose myself to be their couple. HAHAHA

10. If you get a chance to go Korea, who do you bias want to see first?
I want to meet this Donghae and Kyungsoo oppa first. Well both are from the same entertainment company so it is not impossible to meet them at once.

11. If your bias read all post in your blog, how your reaction?
Of course im gonna be like..

But yeah i have to looks cool and poyo. So i'll be like

Succeed control macho.

Okay done answering all question given. Now i have to make my own question. Please be ready guys because i have plan this. Since i love gif picture, all those question will need a gif picture. To those who dont know what is GIF picture. GIF picture is a moving picture, that is the simplest explaination i can tell Muahahahaha

  • State your ultimate bias name (only 1 person)
  • State one reason why he/she is your ultimate bias.
  • What kind of relationship that you want with your bias? (ex: Brother/uncle/ dad/ husband/friends)
  • Put a derp picture of your bias as you stated.
  • Put a gif picture that show an innocent side of your bias.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias that you really hate to see.
  • Put a gif picture that shows how clumsy your bias are.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias that turn you on.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias that shows his bad side.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias looks like somebody else (which you dont even know that it is him/her)
  • Put a hilarious gif picture of your bias.

Now i will tag randomly. 

P/S: To tagged blogger, im sorry for tagging you. It is up to you whether you want to do it or not. But if you done it, please do tell me okay! If other than tagged blogger want to try my question, just do it. But don't forget to link me your post about this tag. I would love to see it ^^ 


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me dearie! I would like to answer it :)

  2. whoauuu .... so cute answer . thanks for answering my question . and one more thing . what a cute your man ! lee donghae . where is he got his face . heehee ... :D

  3. ᵔᴥᵔ ♥ Bo★dark Unf★reseen ♥ ᵔᴥᵔ: Im glad that you like it. Please link me your answer okay. I would like to see it ^^

  4. Ann Nabyla: Lols my baby Lee Donghae is always cute ^^ He got it from his father XD

  5. Dear.. done answering all ur questions..

  6. my answer:

    thanks for tagging me :)

  7. done

  8. Done answer it. xD


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