I am jealous with 94-liners idol

Firstly i have to remind you (read: readers) that this entry is going to be a liltle bit overrated. Geiz, my pervert side is coming out. So those underage reader, i advice you to close this blog. If you think you have matured enough than it's okay. I guess haha.

As you can read the tittle above, i am jealous with 94-liners idol. Yes, girls idol. Why? They're so pretty, cute, talented person and LUCKY. Sometimes live can be not fair.

Who and why? Check all of these picture first and you will understand.

1. Sulli, F(x) - To the beautiful you

2. Suzy, Miss A - Big

3. Suzy, Miss A - Dream High 

4. Krystal, F(x) - The heirs

Answer: Kissing scene in the drama!

That are some of the drama that i watched. I don't know about other drama (Since i don't really watch drama because i know i can never wait until its end on the same day). Have you ever watched the video below? They even protect Taemin's lips. UWAAAAAA

Well okay, maybe they protect Taemin's lips because he is underage when the video is released. Well this video is published about 2 years ago. (Okay Taemin is not 94-liner, so bye)

I'm okay here. I just...... Like... They're just 20 (21 in Korea) but kissing scene? No T^T I mean, they are so lucky to kiss handsome man in such a young age. Do you know what i do in my 20 is only this. Tsk tsk

Well, sleep tight Hoya oppa. XD


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