Covering his mouth is Donghae's another habit?

Hello Annyeonghaseyo!

Actually i've realize about this long time ago but i kinda lazy to make a new post. Now, i regain my strength to post this entry. In this entry there will be less word because it will fulled by Hae's picture. I hope you'll like it!

I believe ELFishies has realize it too didn't you?  ^^ LOL In this entry i will post a lot of his picture covering his mouth with his hand.

Down here is a scroll box. Keep scrolling! ^.^

EXTRA! A picture of him covering his mouth with peace sign! =^.^=

*another scroll box. Keep scrolling ^^

Got something to say? Just comment me! Or maybe you found another photo of him covering his mouth. Just share with me ^^ Bye Annyeong.

-EXTRA ENTRY (120319)
Have you watch We Got Maried TeukSo Couple Episode 19? Down here i share a video of TeukSo couple ep.19 part 2. If you don't watch it the part 1, just click here.

What i wnt to say here is,  don't you realize that Donghae make his 'usual' pose. COVERING HIS MOUTH WITH PEACE SIGN. LOL I want that polaroid, EunSeo. I want to make a collection. XD


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