What is Donghae's signture actually mean?

As an Elfishy, when i get this signature i've practice to copy his signature all day long. *untill today. still practicing* And it's look like that i can never graduate from "Lee Donghae's signature University". BHAHA. I'ts maybe looks simple, but it's hard to make it actually like that. T.T

I've realised something when i did this for sooooo many time. But this is just my opinion.  If you don't like it and maybe you're disagree with me, then it's okay.

Ok now. Are you ready to read what is my opinion of his signature? You may scroll down.  :D

Scroll it more and more. Please be patient. :)

I think, Donghae oppa are trying to make this simile " >////<" Is he trying to show that he is soooo shy? I don't know. LOL bye


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