Tag game time!

Again.. After long time, i start to think about this k-bloggie. Im sorry. Seriously. I dont know what to write. Yes Donghae.. I ignored you. But dont worry Hae, you are alive in my daily life. How did you say? My bank password, my facebook password and even my UPU password was all about you. Yes, you're alive in me. But i dont know how is me in yours.

Hae's reaction after he know i have new bias

Okay lets get to the topic. We're gonna play a game right? I got tag by my sister Nadhirah. But i want to say sorry for those who got tagged from me. This tag game is so 'menyusahkan' right? So sorry. I just follow the rules as tagged blogger. T.T

1) Post this rules
2) Write 11 things about yourself
3) Answer the question that tagger set for you
4) Create 11 question for those who you want to tag
5) Create 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post
6) You're not allowed to tag back

11 Things about myself:
  • My real name is Nur Hafzhan Bt Abdul Rauf
  • I re-write that rules above which actually i can just copy and paste
  • I dont talk to people who makes me awkward
  • Laugh on something which are not funny to normal people
  • Whenever i said i like it, i mean it. But when i said i hate it, i don't mean it.
  • Love to collect cute stuff such as strap phone
  • If i addicted on something, there is no way to split me and 'that'
  • Trust people at first. If they broke my trustworthy, there is NO more trust
  • Got a lot of crush but no boyfriend
  • I love pastel colours and white
  • I talk to mirror and animal

11 Question from the tagger
1. Pernah pergi consert? consert siapa? Listkan. //If don't, list 3 concert you really wanna go.
Super Junior M (HBN 2011)
- U-Kiss Showcase *This is not concert. Hope it will be accepted*
- Most Amazing Concert
- U-Kiss (HBN 2012)

2. Favorite song at the moment
- I got a lots of favorite song. But now im addicted to I Love You by Akdong Musician.

3. K-Drama / K-Movie apa yang paling korang ingat ending dia?
- White, Korean horror movie. Eunjoo died in a very scary way, all her fans runs and dont realize they actually step on Eunjoo, the singer. That shit moment, she is dying and got recorded. *Because of chaos, camera falls on its recording, accidently Eunjoo falls and the way she die is recorded*

4. Ada haiwan peliharaan? Apa? Nama dia? Listkan //Kalau boleh letak gambar
- Cats [Jiprom, Putih, Didi, Cici, Dondel, Pikachu, Kuning..... *Really you want me to list it?]
- Fish [Got no name]
- Hamster [Chibi, Chubby]
- Turtle [Got no name too]
- Current pet: Cat, Eicak,. Cat, Kuning. 

5. First word yang terlintas kat kepala korang bila dengar perkataan Super Junior. ( No Cheating)
- Military
- Comeback
- Stupid fishy

6. Least favorite kpop group
- Least? I never thought about it. Beast? maybe. K

7. Fav subject at school?
- Mathematic of course.

8. Hug / Kiss. Pick one. The most romantic to you.
- I'll choose kiss, because in no time you'll hug.

9. Ada crush? Apa yang paling menarik tentang crush anda?
- I have a lots of crush. But if i have crush, my 'like' to him will last untill he got a girlfriend. Here i have one. Let me call him Ryan. I really adore him. He got he's own way to Dakwah. Seriously he is cool as Ustaz Azhar Idrus. And if you hear his voice, sounds like a cartoon. XD

10. Tell me something about you that not many people know
- I mean it, i can't say "SqwertyAqwertyYqwertyAqwertyNqwertyG" or any word about love. *read only the capital letter* 

11. What is your most embarrassing moment?
- Embarrasing? Yes, when i was form 4. I slept in the evening until maghrib. Tomorrow i got a coccuriculum. I already promise to my friend to met at school. When i woke up, the clock show 7:30. Im panicked i call my friend. "Zaliena, im sorry. i cant go to school today. i woke up late." "What? But now is 7:30 PM not AM" "What? OMG. Please dont tell anybody about this". Guys. Just dont you sleep when its almost maghrib.

//What a 'rojak' question from Nad. -.- Okay i answered all. Now its my time to create fucking hard question, *evil laugh*

11 Question of mine
1. One thing that describe you.
2. Which would you prefer? Poor but handsome or ugly but rich?
3. If you could be reborn, what would you be?
4. If i can grant your wish... What would it be?
5. I believe you have a talent tell me. Even its sound ridiculous.
6. What can make you mad?
7. Most played music?
8. Any recommanded video?
9.  Your secret curse word.
10. Got any fear? such as fear of being close in a small place?
11. Describe me. (Just be honest, i understand. But if you dont know me just write what do you think about me after you read 11 thing about me)

Tagged people:
- Hyunggie *Already answered mine >> here*
- Zaabaeo *Already answered mine >> here *
- Rara
- Mae
- Sya
- Aqiela
- Afham
- Iman *Already answered mine >> here*
- Echa
- This place is for those who wanted to play this tag game but their name is not tagged. *just said that you're got tagged from me :) *
- Anonymous 


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