I got my friend to be Kai biased

Can someone tell him that being cute is not allowed here

One day my neighbour, Haliah come to my room.Walk in quick into my room and call out my name loud. I wonder what she up to. So this is actually happen.

Haliah: Ajan! I need you to tell me who is this!
Me: What? Who? 
Haliah: Here in this video that you gave me. Exo - Growl.
Me: Oh That is Kai. Why?
Haliah: I think i've fall in love with him.
Me: Oh okay thats not surprise.

Well if someone is fall to Exo's Kai is not surprise. Kai got a lot of charm. He really know how to flirt. But i don't really into him. LOL i dont know why i like Dyo more, he got something which i don't really know what that is. Now, i hope Haliah couldn't see what i see on Dyo. (Sharing bias with my friend, no. but sharing bias with someone that i don't know its okay.)

Then my roommate said to Haliah, "Since when you got into this?" and Haliah points at me said "It's Ajan's fault!". I was like... What?! Okay

Welcome to the club, Haliah

This is the most bored entry ever. I don't really have idea to write. A few weeks more i got my final exam, so wish me luck.


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