Kai is more innocent than Baekhyun?

Okay i know i was a bit late for this. You know i have a post in queue. I need to let my post being view at least in 2 days. Yea you know, i don't want my follower to miss my post. Especially a post that i think you guys should read it. HAHAHA okay stop it.

I bet some or maybe all of you have seen this picture. I don't know much about this. All i know this thing spreading in my twitter. I was like "Whut? This innocent faced Baekki?!". I don't really believe in it because i don't know how all of this started.

I started to learn that do not believe on innocent faced guy. Unfortunately that is my weakness.

I don't know whether i should believe in this or not. But since everybody tweeting like "Go away byuntae" to Baekhyun's picture and "The rumor that Baekhyun don't like flat chested girl is not a rumor anymore. Its true.". I was like, is this serious? I cant hate innocent faced guy. I just can't hate my baekhyun. I hope this is just a rumor.

But then, wait i remember that i have read a rumors about Kai, Taemin, Sehun, Minho, was caught watching porn using Sehun's laptop, and when SHINee manager caught them, Kai's hand is already on his pants. But i found that some people said this is not rumors. I don't know guys.

So in this case nobody is innocent even Kai. The rumors spread. Not all rumors are fake but this doesn't mean you can believe in this. Maybe this is true but they can't let this ruin their carrier so they will just remain silent and make it looks like rumors. (Please don't take my word seriously. I like assume thing)

You guys as a fangirl have to understand this thing. Your oppa is an idol, yes i know. But you have to be aware that your oppa is a human being, a man. Even Nickhun, 2PM admitted that he watched porn. You can google this and read it by yourself.

OMG i found some cool story here. Maybe you want to read it? Click Kpop Idol: Virgin and Non-Virgin.

I just read it and i can't believe my Donghae is not virgin anymore. Well really i have to learn to not believe in innocent faced guys anymore. Come on handsome wild beast faced guys, im for you XD.



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