Dalgona in the making

Have you watch EXO Showtime episode 7? I bet you know what i am talking about right now (based on my title) Here some of the screenshot for EXO Showtime episode 7. If you still haven't watch it and couldn't find the subbed video then click (here)

The way Tao eat it really makes me drool. Shittao T^T

This is Dalgona.

Dalgona (달고나) is actually a Korean street lollipop. I googled dalgona right after Tao said it is really delicious. To make dalgona is really easy, all you need is sugar and baking soda.

I want you guys to read the recipe or watch it till end before make it or you gonna end up like me. Around 1:30AM, i go to kitchen just to make a dalgona after i know the ingredient is simple, i dont even know the measurement for the sugar and baking soda but i just made it. It taste...... NAHHHH How could you think that the dalgona gonna be delicious after you put 2 spoon of sugar and 1 spoon full of baking soda?

Okay guys, let me highlight here. To make a dalgona you just need a pinch of baking soda not 1 spoon full (im idiot, i know T^T) But its okay to put a lot of sugar, but please take care of your health.

Video down here  is a video that i watched before i make a dalgona for the third time (yea, i failed 2 times) and POOF!! My succeed on my third trial of dalgona. To be honest it is tasted delicious! Sweet!

I was too excited and i accidently touched the hot part of the ladle that i used to make dalgona. It is really hurt ㅠ.ㅠ This is gonna be my reason why  i hate Tao. Eat dalgona and make it looks delicious, making me make dalgona at 1:30 AM and ruin my diet and for being too innocent and cute in EXO Showtime ep 7. Bye Tao. I love you T^T

Im sorry, there is no picture for my dalgona. I forgot to take picture. I was too excited for my third dalgona and just eat it. I realized it after i eat almost half of my dalgona and its already looks so ugly, so i don't take any picture. Okay im sad.


  1. hai , sy cari tagboard awk tapi x jumpa . sy tag awak dalam segmen .

  2. Ann Nabyla (inspirit): Hi sorry tak sempat letak cbox lagi. Blog masih under construction. Insha-Allah saya join segment tu ^^


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