Do Kyungsoo's boxer for sale

My title for this entry do sound weird right? I don't know whether you have seen this picture or not yet. I bet who already have seen this knew  i want to talk about. Its about D.O's boxer. I don't know how but this fangirl is really wow.

I found this picture about 3 days ago and i saved it. And i sent to my friend. Well we love discussing about this k-pop thingy, not discussing how handsome they are but we'd discuss their concept and outfit and hairstyle and talent.. (LOLS too much "and")

Okay down here i give you the actual picture that i save from twitter. Advice for Do kyungsoo's fans please keep calm okay. Take a deep breathe and PANGG!!

"I am selling Do Kyung Soo‘s (D.O) underwear,I went to their dorms myself and got it. It was really hard to get it. I’m thinking of around 10.0. You don’t believe me? There’s a few hairs on the underwear so you can check the DNA. I also have his socks. Don’t criticize or attack me. Next week, I’m going to go get Oh Sehun‘s underwear so I will be taking pre-orders. EXO-M‘s security is too strong so I can’t do it. I barely got a hold of this one. I am also selling hair.” 

"I'm also selling pieces of hair" Damn business brain

I cant hold my laugh staring at D.O's boxer and at the same time i feels like wanted to scream. You know my feeling is mixing. I dont know whether i should feel sympathize to Kyungsoo or feel funny. How it can't be funny when she said "Dont believe me? There a few pieces of pubic hair on the boxers that you can get tested". This line....... XD

And my friend was about "Pubic hair? Did you ever had your armpit hair on your shirt?". Actually i was thinking the same that's why i cant stop laughing. How can that hair just fell off and i was like, what did you do Kyungsoo untill your hair fell off?

"Pubic hair? Did you ever had your armpit hair on your shirt?"
"I know right. This is ridiculous"
"Beyond ridiculous. I mean really. If you had D.O's boxer, will you ever sell it?"
"If i was her, i would just frame it. Luls"
"She already have D.O's sock"
"Like yeah, prove it then. Again, panties versus socks"
"I guess after she sell those, she will stole another one at exo dorm"
"If she had a chance after this thing went viral"

Unsolve discussion. We never have a solution to our discussion, we will just be like "Ah let it be. Who cares" Like yeah, we cant stop those thieves anyway. I think fangirl should behave, i know it is almost impossible when you know where EXO lives and you know everything. All i can said just behave.

What a stupid advise. I myself can't even behave whenever i attend a concert. Ah just forget it okay. I don't know whether those boxer is really belongs to D.O or just a normal boxer that fangirl use to get attention and make money. I really dont know.

P/S: Yes i have change my bloggie "dress". Bye to blogskins because now i am a blog template user. Not to forget, i always open for exchange link ^^


  1. "I'm also selling pieces of hair" ?
    hahha wtfish >.<

  2. Hahaha :D So funny. I cant believe it. Seriously. Omg

  3. Nuur Najihah: HAHAHA yeah. And she is going to steal Sehun's next. Im waiting for it XD

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