Misheard Kpop Song ( Still You by Donghae and Eunhyuk )

I don't always do a misheard kpop song. But if i do, everything just happen naturally like accidently. I don't push myself on doing this since i know some of korean word. So i can understand a bit on what are they saying in their song. So misheard it will be so ridiculous for me.

However, this actually happen when i have to answer a kpop tag from Ann Nabyla. She put a song that will be played whenever someone did visit her blog. Her song is Still You by Eunhae. This song repeating like 368362 times. And whenever it is stop playing, i will refresh her blog just to listen to it. Since it is my favorite song.

But after i finish my writing for the tag answer, i think i got drunk by it. The song keep repeating in my mind eventho its not even played. And the part of the song that i keep repeating is my favorite part where Donghae and Eunhyuk sounds like replying their sing.

Suprisingly i always misheard the lyric in malay.

Eunhyuk: Apeun geoni (Donghae: Apeun geoni)
Eunhyuk: Apeunga bwa, I don't know (Donghae: I don't know)
Eunhyuk: Oh no (Donghae: Cuz baby i said)

Okay now i will share the misheard version. Please read it in the correct rythm XD

Eunhyuk: Ape engko ni (Donghae: Ape engko ni)
Eunhyuk: Ape engko buat, i don't know (Donghae: I don't know)
Eunhyuk: Oh no (Donghae: Cuz baby i said)

Omg my misheard lyrics sound so stupid. The original one is said how hurt they both are but mine show that theyre just wake up from a long time sleep and don't know each other. HA HA HA

I told my sister, Nad about this and she said "OMG that was so mindfucked". Yes i got mindfucked by Eunhae T^T


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