Kpop tag from Lufan

Yay! I got tagged again. Well i do love doing this kpop tag. You know, when you have no idea on what you should post on your blog Kpop Tag is the best thing to do. Big thanks to Lufan. If you guys want to answer her question, do visit her blog. (Click here)

But today i wont follow the kpop tag rules. Sorry. HAHAHA, im gonna break the rules

Okay lets just proceed to the question.

1. What fandom(s) you are?
Multifandom. I don't have specific fondom for now. But i guess im currently an Exostans.

2. Your top three bias.
Well i have only 2 ultimate bias for now. Lee Donghae of Super Junior and Do Kyungsoo of EXO. I will think about the third ultimate bias later. MUAHAHAHA

3. What K-group get you into kpop world?
TVXQ, Super Junior and SS501.

4. Favorite male/female solo k-singer.
I love K.Will and IU voices and song.

5. Same fact about you and your bias.
Since i haven't read any fact of Kyungsoo, i will just tell you the same fact about me and Donghae. Actually i have write about this before. So (click here) to read. :)

6. What couple you ship the most? Put your favorite gif of them.
I love a couple with a lot of skinship. Hew hew hew. Just tell me which couple got a lot of skinship, i will ship them in a blink of eye.


7. Put a picture/gif of your bias in awkward situation
I know it's just an acting. But still if you get caught in this situation, it is awkward.

8. Put a funny side picture/gif of your bias.
Because he is squishy kyungsoo.

9. List three your favorite k-girl group.
Favorite? I dont have. I stan guys only. HAHAHA

10. If you meet your bias personally, what do you want to say to him/her?
I don't know. I never expect or plan this. I can assure you guys that i will be just speechless. My body couldn't function well in front of this guys.

11. What is your wish for your bias?
To every k-pop idol..
"I know you having a hardship time in your trainee days and become an idol could be more stressful. Please do enjoy your live. Find a girlfriend, get married and give a birth to a talented and cute child just like you. Ignore all the haters. Your fans will support you no matter what. Eventho in a ridiculous way. Just please enjoy your live."

I have done a kpop tag before, so now i will use the same question that i have given at (Kpop tag from Ann Nabyla) Because i love that question so much and i would like to see more answer on that question. Do leave your link to me if you have answered mine okay :)

  • State your ultimate bias name (only 1 person)
  • State one reason why he/she is your ultimate bias.
  • What kind of relationship that you want with your bias? (ex: Brother/uncle/ dad/ husband/friends)
  • Put a derp picture of your bias as you stated.
  • Put a gif picture that show an innocent side of your bias.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias that you really hate to see.
  • Put a gif picture that shows how clumsy your bias are.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias that turn you on.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias that shows his bad side.
  • Put a gif picture of your bias looks like somebody else (which you dont even know that it is him/her)
  • Put a hilarious gif picture of your bias.

Oh yea, i would like to share the answered question that those who leave their link to me. I do really enjoy their post. Those who want to read it too here are the links.

Ain Najwa - Tao, EXO biased (click here)
Ika - Tao, EXO biased (click here)
Nadkyu - Kyuhyun, Super Junior biased (click here)
Nrfrh - Tao, EXO biased (click here)

P/S: I will going to buy Exo Gayo Daejun shirt no matter what. Hew hew hew. And for those who want to watch or download Exo Showtime Ep.11 Full Eng Subs, then [Click here]


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