Baekhyun the byuntae

This entry will be continuous entry from my last january entry which is "Kai is more innocent than Baekhyun?" okay for those who haven't read that, you can (click here). But this entry will be explain more about Baekhyun, not Kai.

I know most of Baekhyun's fans cannot believe on this even my friend asking me "Is this real? But he is so innocent." On her request, i do some search on this.

Typically a korean name given to a guy. Baekhyun is a very fun, loud guy. He is not afraid to be himself and has a tendency to fanboy over pretty girls. He is an amazing singer and his vocal ability is sky high.  He is somewhat perverted as he likes to be very close to people, but this should not be mistaken as an actual pervert because his actions are just a confirmation that he is very comfortable with you and enjoys being in your company. Baekhyuns middle name is perfection. His appearance is enough to take ones breath away

Okay that is the answer for all Baekhyun's fans. But there is actually another reason for Baekhyun being called as byuntae.

I don't really know about this. I have watched Exo Showtime Ep6 but i didn't notice it.

Well actually for me, if a guy don't like flatchested girls is normal. So please don't blame on him when he is being a guy. This is the proof that he is not a gay, right? Oh yea, if you want to know slapping butt becomes Baekhyun habits now. I even found a lot of picture, video of him slapping and touching member's butt.

Too much slapping butt on google, i feels like im in heaven *U*

Okay everybody, please get the fact that a guy likes to slapping another guy's butt. I even ask my friend about this. Down here i give you my conversation, but i have to hide his identity as requested.

<click for lil zoom>

Even my friend said that is a guys likes to slap another guys butt should be called as pervert. I can't deny that. Since he is a guy and likes to slaps his friends butt, he just called himself a pervert. HAHAHA

Baekhyun is a Taeyeon, SNSD fanboy. This is one of the reason why Baekhyun being called as byuntae. Its from Byun Baekhyun + Taeyeon = Byuntae.



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