Tao's hair is sold out

I have been a fangirl since 2009 and i think 2014 is the most ridiculous year for me as a fangirl. Everything is just getting too mainstream. But i think maybe it is just exostan, wait i mean exo sasaeng fans. They're the worst. I heard all what have EXO sasaeng fans had done.

A sasaeng fan (사생팬) is widely known to be an excessively obsessed Hallyu fan. Although "sasaengs" are largely not considered as fans, many sources still refer to them as "sasaeng fans". Soompi described sasaeng fans as extreme fans who stalk their idols and invade their privacy with questionable methods.

I just post about Kyungsoo's boxer for sale. And for those who don't know bout this yet, you can click here to read the entry [Kyungsoo's boxer for sale]
Now back to the story. Last night i just found this. It's getting more ridiculous when it is write "Sold out" on it. Is it really that someone has buy it? I can't imagine on how did she get those hair but-- the most weird thing is, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO D WITH TAO's HAIR?"

Geiz, i don't know what to say more about this. I wonder what are they going to steal after this. Please don't say that they're going to sell EXO's sweat. Well everything is just going to be more mainstream and more ridiculous.

Who's worse? The sasaeng who managed to retrieve Tao's hair or the sasaeng who purchased it? You decide. I hope EXO will be extra becareful next time. I don't know why i am worried so much. Sasaeng fans will do anything including hurting our oppa. Im so worried.

For those Tao's hair picture i got it from EXO fanbase on facebook. If anyone want to like it, [click here]


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