Guess who just watched Reply1997? Me!

Yea i know this is not a new drama. Im a bit late about drama lately (about kpop too). That's why i haven't update this blog for a long time. Okay lets go to the point.

This drama is about their friendship since in highschool until they grown up having their own job and married. You will going to love this drama after you watch it. Please do watch it. It do contain a lot of friendship value in this drama.


Jung Eunji as Sung Shiwon
Seo Inguk as Yoon YoonJae
Shin SoYul as Mo YooJung
Hoya as Kang JoonHee
Eun JiWon as Do HakChan
Lee SiEun as Bang SungJae

After watching this, i started to watch A-Pink's Music Video AAAa (I was only stan for boy group) I cant bear how cute Eunji is and i really ship her with Inguk lol. (No hate Eunji's fans. I was only too obsessive over this drama. Pardon me T^T)

Err i do ship Hoya and Inguk too. XD Muahh XXX


  1. me too. baru je tengok, lepas ni nak tengok reply 1994 pulak. dalam reply 1994 tu ada cameo cast reply 1997. memang nak tengok laa..


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