Another mini Donghae Super Junior

A fans of Super Junior Donghae should know that the OFFICIAL mini Donghae is Amber F(X). This is because  Donghae has mention his self on his twitter. For other who don't know about this, you should click here. I've already link to allkpop entry about this.

Actually this thing has been long time discussed by the netizen. They said that Amber F(X) is really looks like Donghae Super Junior. They look like sibling aren't they?

Ok now, ill tell you who is 'another mini Donghae' as in the tittle above. The person is.....................


Please don't misunderstood about this. I don't say the he is Mini Donghae because of his face. The similarities about Donghae and Zelo is on their background.

Firstly about their birth date.
Donghae : 15 October 1986
Zelo : 15 October 1996
//Their age difference is 10 years

Next, their hometown.
Donghae : Mokpo
Zelo : Mokpo
//I don't know whether this is true or not, but i found this on BAP fanbase on twitter. 

I really want to know Zelo's blood type. I couldn't find it everywhere. If his blood type is 'A'. He absolutely same to Lee Donghae Super Junior. ^^ Hey reader, can you help me to find out?


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