[CONFIRM] MINI DONGHAE!!!! *New update on this post on 17/2/12*

Hey guys! Are you following my post before? The post that i talk about Another Mini Donghae, Zelo. For those who don't know what am I talking about, please read my previous entry about ANOTHER MINI DONGHAE. Just click on it. It will bring you to my post in a new window. ^^

Okay, lets keep focus on the entry. Just what i wrote at the title entry. The Mini Donghae that i've talked about it before is CONFIRM. Well, if you remember my entry before, i can't say it confirm because i've got a dilemma. I don't know what is Zelo's blood type.

You know what, i thought that i'm gonna give up because before this i've got a information that Zelo's blood type is O. I hope, this information that i've got is true and real. ^^ okay, time to list down similarities.

1. Birth date
Donghae: 15 October 1986
Zelo: 15 October 1996

2. Hometown
Donghae: Mokpo
Zelo: Mokpo

3. Blood type
Donghae: A
Zelo: A

4. Position in family
Donghae: Father (already passed away), Mother, Older brother, DONGHAE
Zelo: Father, Mother, Older brother, ZELO

5. Favorite food
Donghae: Kimchi
Zelo: Kimchi

Okay, if you're not believe me. I'll give you the proof. ^^ About favorite food Donghae, i found it here.

-Name: Zelo (choi Junhong)
-Blood type: A
-Family: dad, mom, hyung, me
-Education: Mokpo Elementary School, Sungdae Middle School
-Hobby/Skill: listening to music, lyrics, skateboarding / beatbox
-Personality: introspective
-Joined as a member: was contacted while I training at a different place
-Ideal: a pretty smile? a person who’s good at english
-Role model: Kanye West, Will.i.am
-Music I enjoy: Kanye West - Good Morning (electronic), HipHop, R&B
-A frequent habit: blinking
-Usual fashion style: i like street fashion but i like dressing like a slim pin model
-Close celebrity: Secret sunbaenim
- Favorite food: kimchi
-Favorite colors: grey, green, red
-favorite number: 7
-Frequent places you go to: practice rooms, dorm
-Favorite movies: “Closing”, “Step up”
cr: kitty-kwon@tumblr

So what do you think? Are you agree with me? So, this boy from Planet Mato B124AP224 is officially my lil brother? LOL I'm Lee Donghae's virtual wife. If he is Mini Donghae, then he should be my VIRTUAL MINI DONGHAE.

Er, HEY! Wait a minute. If a person has the same birth date, horoscope, and blood type is that mean that they have a same personalities? WOW. //Okay, i don't really know about this. AHAHA You know what, i really hope both of them know about this, meet each other and be a friends.

All the information of Zelo's BAP i got from BAP's fanbase twitter. Want to follow them? Click here. Seriously, they're good and nice fanbase. ^^ Love ya!


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