I wanna dance by Eunhae

Hey ho. Where is you dear Elfishies? Don't you feel excited about Eunhae is comeback?

Okay this is suppose to published yesterday but i was too busy. I went to my cousins engagement. Im a bit tired. *It's more to lazy actually* When i open my twitter i saw Eunhyuk's tweet. I was like OMG! I wanna dance! Unfortunately, i didn't see Donghae's tweet. Okay, im just unlucky on that day

I have already watch it last night. I cant forget the moment Hae is calling Hyuk, his eyes... Hae really have a beautiful eyes. I feel relief because Hae is not stare-ing at the camera. I couldn't make an eye contact with him even on a screen. I can feel he is like.. chanting me!

Is there Eunhae shipper here? Im a Eunhae shipper too. I got jealous on their friend-relationship. Hmm K.

Okay, my last word. Please support and love them. Hihi i cant wait for the 'long' version. And lets increase the number of views in this video. "Give a lots of water to this fishy and a lots of banana to this monkey" ><


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